Tropical Ukulele VST Now available. [Kontakt Instrument]

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This is my first ever custom Kontakt instrument coded with custom knobs and a User Interface that was created by a Steemit artist named @kookyan in collaboration. The project took 6 Weeks to complete and I am proud to present and share this with the rest of the community. The Instrument features over 300 megabytes of high quality noise canceled realistic Ukulele strings from three different Ukulele's based around the KSP-Kontakt engine.

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The effects are minimal in application, over time as I upgrade the code people will be able to select effects from a drop down menu to assign within the HUD. But I need more funding to achieve my goals to find the time to create and code more instead of focusing on finding a Full Time Job.

That is why once you buy this product, you are effectively helping Steemit artists generate a means to do what they love and you will also receive Lifetime Free Upgrades!

Plans for future upgrades include

  • Customizable Ukulele tunings
  • Customizable Ukulele Sprites
  • Instrument Animations
  • Selectable effects
  • More pages for parameter manipulation

Support from the steemit network is much appreciated, and I take it as a notion of paying it forward. I do pay attention to my wallet, and if you wish to purchase with Steem(20) or SBD(15) you may leave your Discord Username or Desired Email destination after broadcasting your transaction. Thank you for the support, if you'd like to get involved my discord channel is here!