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I have shared a very old instrument among you today. This elephant is no longer available in ancient times. These tools were used in the work of human beings, they were not so good at seeing them, but when it was used it was very beautiful and it was very Many types of work were done through sharp and used for various purposes. But this hand was used in special work It's different from many things. I've never seen such a thing before that I have collected the hand from a museum and shared it with you. I do not know how you will feel, but I try to share something that you have not seen so that you can see things that I can see many more old things There are some who have shared it among you, but it was a very sharp tool that I shared it Now people may have forgotten about these tools, but in the ancient times, these were the ones that many people did not do without it. It was very common, but these weapons were used to make cut any thing. Thanks for reading my post.


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