Boomerang campaign.

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We, at Subbit, love our audience, and for this reason we try our best to engage with our followers, keeping them entertained and showing how we can make their lives easier.

Following the ‘Love it?’ campaign, our main intention was to introduce some more interactive content that could remind the audience of their actual activities. We wanted to have something that was able to convey the message and the essence of our brand, but at the same time engage and attract the attention of our followers. And what is better than a short video?

So, we decided to combine our ‘Love it?’ campaign with a more dynamic one. The idea was to capture the process of some of our everyday moments, and to do this, we used one of the most popular features on the Instagram channel: boomerang.

The sequence of these four short videos into one single collage, aims to showcase how, for instance, the simple purchase of a coffee and the action of enjoying it is taking place.

Given the nature of Subbit’s concept as alternative payment solution via a subscription base system, the action of paying at the till will soon become a thing of the past.

This will therefore allow us to manage our monthly spends and enjoy the things we love.


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