Instagram Addiction

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Nowadays toilet paper or remote control has become an everyday need. I'd like to include the number of users and the time statistics used to prove how right I was. But you could get bored. Let me explain some pointless behaviors that I have observed on Instagram usage in our country. Everything to be more consistent and effective Instagram user.

Stalk of the former family of a beloved, lover's lover, friend, wife, teacher, boss etc. double click on the photo unintentionally move us suddenly. If you have left a trace in a photo that was shared 88 weeks ago, you may begin to feel a shame in your skin. Let's face it, this isn't saving us like getting back - the outgoing message isn't coming back. Either you sit down or lick it, or you can go and follow it.

Today, anyone who meets a new person in the world first takes his mobile device and writes the name and surname of the person to Instagram. Before our first meeting and personal observations; We are trying to get an idea by looking at the person's profile, shares, number of followers.

Do you become friends, fit together to hang out, think of marriage in the future, mother of the mother-in-law, if the child is similar to his aunt, such as the place where we find answers - in an undeniable way - Instagram.

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