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Instagram, as one of the top social media of recent decades, is getting more and more popular, especially among the generation Z. It was last year that Instagram reached its milestone of one billion downloads on the play store.

Now, it is getting close to almost two billion downloads on the Google play store, which is a place to download the app for android users, and Instagram is becoming the second most downloaded social app on android devices.

Instagram is close to hitting 2 billion downloads on play store

In this article, we have reviewed the most popular app downloads by Android users. It seems that social media are popular trends for the coming decades, in comparison to other categories of the app, such as productivity or games. Though, in the top list, there are different types of the app except for social connection apps. The tendency to download photos and video related apps are increasing, especially among the young generation. These trends show that spending on Instagram marketing will be worth it, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Among all apps, YouTube, as a video-sharing platform dedicated 5 billion downloads to itself and stays on top of all other applications. This trend shows the popularity and practical benefits of the video-sharing platform, and it proofs the ever-increasing size of this company.

If we don’t consider Google’s apps, such as Gmail with 3.945 billion downloads, Google Maps with 2.4 billion, and Google News with 2.3 downloads social media and instant messaging apps of Facebook (4.1 billion) and messenger (3.4 billion) stay at the second and third place.

Whatsapp, which is also a Facebook-owned app, is the second-largest instant messaging app with almost 3 billion downloads on play store.

After all these, Instagram with 1.8 billion is the second-largest social media on play store and a choice for android lovers. Comparing to Facebook, Instagram has fewer scandals issue and less number of one-start-rate on play store. Although Facebook was downloaded more than Instagram, its scandals never end up. The number of its one-start-rate on Google play is more than 10 million, and these are mostly about the users’ privacy concern.

It was last year that Instagram hit 1 billion downloads on the Google play store, and within a year, it grew almost 200%, which is impressive for a social media app.


A lot is happening on Instagram, such as new changes to their policies, and also some new features to protect the community from negative words. Instagram recently announced that they are launching a new feature to prevent anti-bullying in comments, and with all these changes we need to see if android lover still prefer this app, or any other is going to win the trend.

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