How to recover hacked Instagram account?

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It’s been years since Instagram announced that there is no way that someone can hack an Instagram account. Here I would share my own experience on how I could recover my Instagram account. Also, the way you can secure your Instagram account better that you might not be aware of it.

If you are suddenly logged out from your Instagram account, and you received an email that your email address has changed or even your password, it might probably someone who hacked your account.

But how can people hack you on Instagram?

Hacking an Instagram account is not easy unless they had access to your information, such as email, phone number, or even password. If you choose weak password Instagram, hackers may easily open your account. What they do is changing the email and phone number, and also username immediately.

However, if you have created an Instagram account, and you have access to the email or phone number, then you make sure that you can recover the account.

How to recover a hacked Instagram account?

If you suddenly logged out of the Instagram account, follow these steps immediately. It is better to take action before 14 weeks. After this time, it will be harder and sometimes impossible to recover the account.

Before recovering the Instagram account, make sure you have access to the email address you have created the Instagram with it.

To recover the Instagram account:

  1. Go to the Instagram app

  2. Tap on the “Forgotten password?”

  3. Enter the username, or phone number/email address

  4. Tap on “Need more help.”

  5. If you have access to the phone number or email address, select one of them and tap on send security code

  6. Check the email address/phone number to receive the security code

  7. If you cannot access, tap on “I can\t access this email or phone number.”

  8. Fill up the form (email addresses, choose the type of account and select “My account was hacked.”

  9. If you have any other info, write in the other info section

  10. Tap on request support

  11. Please wait for the support team to contact you (it may take sometimes)

  12. Follow the instruction in the email to justify that you are the owner of the account

How to recover the Hacked Instagram account via email?

If you have access to the email address that you have provided on Instagram, you can change the password once you realized you are hacked. If you logged out suddenly from the Instagram account, immediately check the email address.

If you had a new email from Instagram that someone has changed your account setting, click on the link provided in the email to change the password.

How to secure your Instagram account?

There are many ways you can do to secure your Instagram account.

  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Set a difficult password
  • Make sure you have access to the email address you create the account
  • Make sure you have access to the phone
  • Save your device while logging to Instagram, if it asked you. Then if you locked there, Instagram would let you log in using the devices you have used before.

All in all
Hacking Instagram account is no more possible. Instagram has solved this issue by sending the code to the creator’s email address or phone number. It is better to keep the login info of the email address that you had made the Instagram account with it in a safe place. Without having access to those emails, you may lose your instagram account forever unless you can justify the support team that you are the owner of the account.