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With the ever increasing demand for social network verifications , there has been a lot of services created around this need for social proof. These services cost from several hundred to thousands of dollars and with this comes the risk of loosing good money to scammers that lurks the market. Swapd creates a solution to this quandary.


SWAPD is an escrow platform for trades of social assets and services related to social media. What this means is that,( signing up on Swapd ) will protect you from being scammed when making social media related services trade.

List of offers you can get on Swapd includes the following

Instagram verification submissions
Instagram page recovery services
Twitter verifications
Tiktok Verifications
Facebook verifications
Snapchat verifications
PR services for these verifications
Pre verified pages trade.
Monetized Youtube channels
Influence deals

And a whole lot more which you can check out for yourself on Swapd



  1. Both transacting parties (Buyers and Sellers) are Identity verified.
    This means you are not dealing with some random persons on the internet.

  2. Every transaction is escrow protected.
    This means you only get to release payment after you are satisfied with
    What you have paid for.

  3. Only Sellers pay Escrow fees
    This means that you as a buyer only pays the amount agreed on with the seller
    No additional cost in fees for you as a buyer.

  4. Flexible payment methods
    You can make payment through bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and PayPal.

  5. List your social assets or services free
    While most platforms will charge a marketplace listing fee, Swapd let's you list for free.
    Only pay fees for completed sales.

  6. Top quality support and customers relations
    Fast communication and response. Issues get promptly attended to by competent

Signing up to Swapd let's you belong to an amazing community of entrepreneurs. Connect , learn and share information about the business side of social network.


Do you want to buy social accounts or related services but do not want to loose your hard earned money in The process ?
SWAPD is the go to platform you can rely on.

SIGN UP HERE You will be glad you did.