Make Money on Instagram in 3 Easy Steps

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Proven Method of Making Money on Instagram

3 Easy Steps

It's as easy as this:

  1. Join Cool People IFB and rBux. First, Browse our Catalog at Cool People IFB - The Trinkets and Treasures Collection
  2. Find a Product worth Talking about. Hit Refer.

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  3. Share your Opinion on your Social Media or your Blog.
  4. Get paid a Commission!

    You can earn 10% or more. Get paid in points you can use towards a Purchase or Cash Out! That's CASH Money! US Dollars. Get $PAID to be Social

    Love it! Share it! Influence sales. Earn rBux.

    Cool People IFB Brand Ambassador Program Product Referal Program[/caption]

    Refer Products you LOVE. Earn Rewards, Redeem for CASH! Get PAID.

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    Let's Talk!

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