Is anyone archiving the instagram?

in instagram •  17 days ago

I am doing videos about the multi generational lineages of hellyweird. I followed an instagram link the other day. I am shocked by how much proof they are satanists exists on there. Is anyone archiving this? Should I be? Or is there a place I should give the handle names to as 'persons of interest'? Is it even important? I mean we know that nearly all of them are into some sort of 'dark art'. Some follow a voodoo thing like jen lope, others are into crowley and or molush (mispelled on purpose, I like to mispell the 'names'. I avoid 4chan,reddit, voat since I am old and hard to learn how to use new things on computer. So, let me know if this is an ongoing project and if it would help if I made videos of me surfing their accounts, public pictures only.

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#GiseleBundchen is a witch according to her husband that wins games because he says she makes spells? whatshisname? the one that guilted his 12 yo son into kissing him on the lips as some sort of 'payment' for something.... #patriots #TomBrady I bet their accounts are private though but there are so many second and lower tier that are blatant, perhaps to garner more power and attention in the cult?