The Instagram application will allow you to download a copy of your personal data

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In an effort to enhance data privacy, especially after the latest Cambridge Analytics scandal, Facebook's owner, Instagram, will soon allow users to download all their personal data for the first time since the application was launched eight years ago.

According to the ING spokesman, "It will soon be possible for users to download a copy of all the content they have uploaded on the photo sharing platform."

"The tools needed to transfer the new data are now being created, and this tool will allow users to upload their data, including images, messages and videos."

The decision comes amid global concerns about the privacy of user information related to social media platforms and the size of user data maintained by companies.

Facebook has allowed users to download their photos, messages and registration on all social networking platforms since 2010.

If this tool is launched before May 25, 2018, this will help Instagram to comply with future European privacy protection laws, which require the possibility of data retrieval.

The move allows users to upload their data after a new CBS survey, showing that more than 60 percent of Facebook users believe their data is unsafe and shared with third parties.

Why is Instagram the most socialized application?
Instagram is gaining popularity since the first day of its launch in 2010, bringing the monthly release of this news to 500 million active users every month, putting Instagram as the world's second most popular network after Facebook.

Easy to use on-the-go app, and a fun platform experience that lets you take, edit, and share photos with your friends right away, making it an instant experience, naturally attracting a lot of people, with a variety of options to post and admire new content shared by your friends.

The application has attracted young audiences. The majority of users are young people between the ages of 15 and 30. Young people have become increasingly popular after launching features such as daily stories that have been quoted from Snape Chat and other features such as live streaming.

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