Some interesting quotes I got from Inspirobot

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I spent three hours in the afternoon just zapping through Inspirobot quotes and looking at the compilation of quotes that others have gotten and highlighted. I admit that it's a useless activity, but it's entertaining. Here are some of my favourites:

My mission statement! Destroy! Exterminate! Dalek voice-over

People who live from others don't get to see themselves grow as easily. A better path is to pay attention to yourself and gaze inwardly on every step of the way.

I love the "self-deception playing chess" because it reminds me of the levels of self-deception, the extent to which a mind can go to justify itself as "right" despite the evidence of the contrary. We can take a look at the whole science of cognitive biases in order to see this better.

I imagine this as an internal dialogue right before you decide to make a "safe" decision, but one that you'll regret forever.

This quote is like "fake deep". But once you think about it, it's kind of an encouragement to writers not to attach themselves to the norm. You can study and learn from other writers, but in the end you have to be very original and innovative to be considered good.

Then I jumped into Mindfulness mode and got this:


It reminded me a lot of the first quote. Someone making it their life's mission statement to ruin other people's lives because it's either emotionally or socially profitable? I could make a story from this someday.

Then I got a few strange ones:




STDs and pregnancy, yay!

And a quote about Reality TV hosts, Chris Brown and other such bad people that are famous and rich.


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