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True, I can relate this to how much of persistence do we have in us? the more we persist and push on, the closer we get to breaking through.
Have a blessed Sunday @koevert!


Thank you @joetunex Great sunday for you too.


Thank you!

True, you must make an effort to make it open maybe by knocking or calling. Same with life, you must make an effort in order to be successful.


That’s exactly how life work I think. If you don’t try something you will never know. Sometimes you will find that there is nobody home to open the door and sometimes there will be, but without knockin on that door you will go through life maybe missing great opportunities that could have been...

Kryptonia @steemizm


Thank you.

So few words. Such a long message!

Love the doors @koevert the saying is so true to life!

Nice photo! kryptonia @summer14

Thank you

Black and White always intrigues.

You really need to do something in order to get through in any obstacles or closed doors there are.

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