Walk With Me

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Walk with me dear Lord because I know you will always direct my steps

Walk with me Oh lord through this fearful path of life, I am sure you will because you said you will lead me through the valley of shadow of death.

Walk with me sweet Lord, I have the assurance you will always because in this life's battle you have become my strong Tower.

Walk with me incredible Lord I can't walk all alone because fury darts are pointing against me but I know through your word: ".. when the enemies come like a flood you will lift up a standard."

Walk with me great Lord because I am weak, but I am glad you are always there for me, in my weakness you are always strong.

Walk with me merciful Lord, I have failed you so many times but you have never thrown me away because of my prodigal nature. You're always waiting for me with open hands to welcome me back with your warmth embrace.
Thank You for always walking with me but some times Thank You is not just good enough.However,I am grateful to you
saviour of my soul,redeemer of man and God of All.

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