Bare Biographies

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Bare biographies. This is my latest and greatest big idea. Imagine this, having someone who shares the best most interesting worthwhile intimate parts of their life and do it all while revealing everything. No clothes on. Full nude.

Bare Biographies

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Bare Biographies

Imagine if you go to a recovery meeting, something like a speaker meeting, except the person is naked.

Yes, it is original.

I think that is amazing because it's intimate, it's personal, it's a really deep connection. It gives us something in a way that is unusual, that's vulnerable instead of exploitive.

There are very few contexts where we see nudity in a way that's vulnerable and that's given to us with trust. We see it in a lot of other ways that are kind of nasty or gross. Anywhere from people who work in hospitals to people watching adult movies online.

One of the only places many of us get to see true vulnerability and have our souls bared is in the bedroom with a partner. This is the kind of experience we are looking for here, except nothing sexual about it, it's only intimate.

Imagine the best stories of people's lives. If you go to things like Alcoholics Anonymous like I do every day or I imagine this happens at other types of recovery meetings, imagine hearing the very best stories of someone's life, the stories they would usually rather keep private.

If you want a reference, take a look at my book "Speaker Meeting 2017" on Amazon and Audible. You will not believe all the stuff I put in that book. I'm an immortal soul. I'm on an adventurer here to help until this body passes away, and then on to a new adventure. Why not put all my best stories out there?

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