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One part of our gross ignorance and under-achievement that spill into our epic underdevelopment is our inability to share our stories. If people share their success stories we would have less clueless, lost young people in our immediate environment.
There are abled young men roaming the streets, unsure what to do with their lives. Young women unsure what to do with adulthood except jump in and out of average relationships.


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Not everyone is self-motivated. If you are one of those people who can think and achieve, then you need to share your story, you may need to write a book or own a viable platform... And empower others.
If you’ve finally cracked a legit way to make your first million dollars, then document your story on how you made your first million dollars. Save these bright but uninformed people with your knowledge and secret.


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If you have a brilliant career and have done well in the corporate society, save as many young unemployed people as you can. Some have zero etiquette or any idea on how to clinch or keep a job. Some have no idea on building self and some are just unfortunate.
If you are a baker, designer, makeup artist, photographer, and you have what many can only dream of...write that book on excelling in your profession.


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Instead empower people, share your secret, teach them how to fish, save the nation, build a generation. Oprah's story may not be relative to others but by applying her principles you may find some kind of road map, that's how much sharing your story can help someone out there. I would advise more people share their success stories so everyone could learn something from them.


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it truly is, i hope you enjoyed reading the post

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