Love, Yourself.

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Hi dear! What's up? How are you doing? Feeling good today? Do you want anything? You look gorgeous! Well, this were just some of the things you love telling or asking towards someone. But have you ever ask this to yourself? Do you appreciate you?Do you take care of yourself? Commend when you done great job? Have you ever tell yourself, I love you? I guess no. Maybe you were just like me before. I love people. I treat them well especially my families and friends. And when I'm in love, I'm lost. I'm simply into loving. Too much loving. Too much giving. Like I'm head over heels. 'Till such times they abused my sweet tender loving care. And i lost me. I forgot myself. I don't believe in too much love is wrong or too much giving is wrong. Because if I have, I would love to give. But we met wrong people in purpose. And I thank them still. But I always do remember what they did. Forgiven but not forgotten. I'm no bitter, just a woman who learnt her lesson well. I cried too much and hurt more than hurt means and thought that's the end for me. But no. I redeem myself and change the way I think. Love yourself. Love your good damn self. Tell all the good things you love about you and embrace your flaws. That's flawsome! Be your own self number one fan. Be that one who can give tender loving care to someone without losing the love for yourself. So if you lose them, yourself stays. I hope you take care of yourself as you take care of others. I hope even you provide for everybody, you too please provide for your own self. Loving yourself is not a selfish act. Praising yourself is not a crazy thing to do. Well, it's kinda funny talking to yourself but atleast it's a real conversation for sure. Though negativity is around you, be a positive one. Please love yourself. You're pretty awesome!

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Great post. Wow! What a beginning to Steemit! Follow back if you wish. Welcome to Steemit!

Really enjoyed this.


Thanks dear. Wow. Im happy.

Wow That is Amazing ::)) Great Blog . I could never come up with that much positive stuff :)) I talk to myself all the time , not funny but Awesome to talk to yourself ::)))