New Moon in Capricorn Mantra

in #inspiration3 years ago

A mantra is a sacred utterance or affirmation in a meditative cue.

They can be used to increase confidence, solidify your goals, and evoke muscle memory through its repetitive practice. Mantras have been used across different religious and spiritual practitioners across the world. Mantras help deepen our connection to spirit and intellect. While through writing by hand or simply repeating or chanting to one's self, this ancient practice allows us to create a space of manifestation through aligning our mental, physical, and spiritual self.

The best way to practice mantras is to be by yourself away from external influences. Best practice is to silent or shut off all media devices and be in a quiet room. While focusing on your breathing relax into saying or writing out your affirmation that will convert into your mantra. By adopting mantras, we can expect to see an increase in self awareness, radiance in our mood, and a deepening feeling of empowerment. Have you adopted mantras to apart of your mindfulness routine? If so share with us how they have assisted you in your life!

To take advantage of the new energy wave from the New Moon in Capricorn, here is a sample mantra.

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