The Speech Of A Lifetime' By Markus Rothkranz

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I was touched by Markus Rothkranz's speech he did last year. Hundreds of people from all walks of life, living in different countries of the world, came out just to listen to this inspiring 15 minute speech of a lifetime.

The message Markus sends out in this speech will touch your heart. If you read Markus's story, you know he's been through quite some adversity in his life. He fasted alone in the desert for 40 days, went homeless, nearly died because he was very sickly (didn't know about health like he does now at the time) and lost it all... but he overcame all that and succeeded like all the greats have.

His speech teaches us that NO matter how difficult your life is right now or how low you've been knocked down or how scared, lost and uncertain of yourself - this speech will give you some security and confidence in knowing you're not alone. You're never alone.

Listen closely to this speech and truly grasp the words being spoken by Markus. This speech has uplifted me in a point in my life when I was feeling down and out, so I hope it inspires you, too.

Feel free to share this with as many people as you can. Everything said in this video is the truth and nothing but the truth. We could all use this motivation and it's always good to hear it over and over again. It helps to keep the spirit alive. No matter what you go through in life (i.e. hardships, setbacks, pain, rejection, etc), always keep the words uttered in this speech close at heart and never loose sight of who you are. We're all powerful beings beyond measure.

And if you would like to watch the Behind The Scenes clip of this, just go to

Love and light,

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