The Importance of Sacred Space

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Hello beautiful being and light and love!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Last year, I went on an incredibly transformational journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru. I experienced healing and growth on a level I had never experienced before. There were so many magical moments, and so many lessons learned. But today I'd like to just focus on one of those lessons, and that is the importance of a sacred, safe space.

Today, as I sat in my bedroom at my altar doing my morning meditation practice, I became overwhelmed with gratitude for this sacred space. It was only about a year ago, in Peru, that I really learned the importance of having a special, sacred space in your house. A space that, as soon as you're in it, you feel calm, and relaxed. A place where you can let go of the stresses of the day and unwind. A place that brings you joy, and good vibes, and for me, a place that brings me closer to my highest self, and closer to Spirit.

My altar in my bedroom

You see, in the Sacred Valley, I spent a lot of time with healers and shamans, but also with ordinary people who were there to do some intense inner work on themselves, like me. But everyone I came into contact with, and every home, cafe, and workshop space I went in to, there was some kind of altar there -- with crystals, and statues of gods/goddesses, and incense, and special totems. And these spaces all created such a nice energy in the room. Such a nice feeling. It brought me feelings of calm, and relaxation, and these spaces helped me connect more, with myself, with others, and with the Divine.

When I got home from Peru, this was one of the biggest changes I saw in myself. After returning home, I realized how important it is to me to have this special space, where I can just sit, and meditate, and just be in my own energy. I've collected crystals and special little rocks and items that hold meaning for me, for as long as I can remember. But I never put them anywhere specific. They were often scattered about, or even hidden away in drawers. But by taking these items out, cleansing them, and placing them together in one, or a few different, specific spaces, really made them so much more powerful.

Having this special sacred space also helped me maintain my spiritual practices more often and regularly as well. Because every time I enter my room now, I am reminded or my connection to Spirit, my connection to the Divine, and I am always immediately brought back into that calm, inner space. This makes it so much easier for me to remember to meditate and take time for myself, because when I open my eyes each morning, this beautiful space is there to greet me and remind of how lucky I am to be alive for another day!

I also love to hang Positive Affirmations in my altar space, to help me constantly raise my vibration and continuously believe in myself and my potential.

I use affirmations such as

The answers are coming to me at the perfect time
Everything is always working our for me.
I am constantly LEARNING and GROWING
I am DIVINELY guided, supported, and protected

which help me to remember that everything will always be OK, and to help me enjoy the journey as it all unfolds. Basically, all of these things just bring me joy and peace, and help me to start each day on my best foot.

Do you have a sacred space at home?

It may not be an altar like mine, but maybe you have a specific room or area of the house that is "yours"? Or a place where you go to be creative?

I'd love to hear about your space, and what feelings it gives you when you are in that space.

If you don't have a special space in your house just yet, I encourage you to make one! Make it your own! Put things in the space that make you happy. Spend some time giving it some love, by dusting or sweeping the space (a great way to clear out stagnant energy!) And I recommend coming up with some specific activities to do in the space so it has more power and more value. You don't want use this space for EVERYTHING! Only for some specific, special activities that will help you be more aligned with your HIGHEST self!

Here are some more photos of sacred spaced I have in my house, and those I've created for the ceremonies I lead. May they bring you joy and inspiration!

All pictures are my own


Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I greatly appreciate it!
Sending you love and light, and hoping you have a beautiful day!

Until next time, I love you!
🌈 Rachel

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I have several sacred spaces in my home, which is my really BIG sacred space. Yes, it's important. But equally important to find and hold space in an empty room or open garden, without any of the knick-knacks and paraphernalia. Ultimately, the sacred space is simply your heart.

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Oh wow :) Thank you @smg. I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of people.

Because every time I enter my room now, I am reminded or my connection to Spirit, my connection to the Divine, and I am always immediately brought back into that calm, inner space

Beautiful Rachel. So true. I'm lucky enough to have a spare room which is my sacred space for meditation and yoga. I love going in there and lighting a candle and connecting to the sacred. The room becomes imbued with the divine and easier to drop in to meditation. Love your photos! A beautiful post.


That is beautiful! While I do think we should be able to "drop-in" anywhere we may be, it's so nice to have a dedicated space that helps us go even deeper, so it's so nice you have a whole room in your home. It's like your own private sanctuary/temple! Thanks for the support :) <3

That is beautiful. I don't have a space or altar for a meditation, but my favourite pose is to sit down crossed leg with eyes closed, and thinking. "Its all about me at the moment, my whole me and not thinking about anything". It does really works wonders. Connecting from inner me.
Thank you so muvh for this. They were lovely altars.

beautiful. I spent 3 weeks in Peru as well. I hiked the Machu Picchu trail, but I think the most important experience for me came at Ollantaytambo during the summer solstice.


My sacred space is a place on the land where we are parked up, it has h huge rock and lots of citrus and olive trees and a beautiful view of the mountains. I do have a little altar in my truck also. But to me all of nature is a sacred space, really love post Rachel and I love your photo's, I have led mother blessings, hand fastings and naming ceremonies as well as women circles, and ceremonies to celebrate the seasons xceremony is such a vital part of life xxx


Thank you for such a lovely comment. Nature sure does have a way of creating the most sacred spaces of all! Sounds like a beautiful place you speak of.

Mmmm. I used to do this and haven't since we moved here. We've sort of been in boxes for three years and also living in a one room house. I knew how much I missed my own room, but I'm just remembering how much I miss this. Thanks!


I can imagine I would struggle living in such a small space, but so much less to clean and maintain! I'm sure you'll get your boxes opened and get your sacred space up and running again one day, or find some new special items to create a little space! Thanks for reading! :)


It's definitely challenging, but I know I will really appreciate the space that is coming. There's definitely an abundance of sacred objects in these parts. Often my kids find them.