Getting inspiration, while abroad.

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Whenever I travel somewhere new, I always want to move there.

Although locals don't always know I am a tourist, everything seems so new and fascinating to me. I know this wears off over-time, and I wish it didn't.

How can we keep this emotional state longer than a week or two?


When traveling nowadays, I love to visit local coffee shops. Something about the aroma of coffee feels so clean. Coupled with 20-degree air conditioning, and I can sit for hours on end. But I can't.

I feel guilty when I sit for too long without ordering. There comes a time (Usually around 11 am), when I have to cut myself off from caffeine; Else I will not sleep restfully that evening. This is also about the time when I start to think about lunch (My first meal of the day). Efficient scheduling!


With my laptop open in front of me, and an iced coffee to my left- I let my eyes and my mind wander. I like to think I have great taste in design, but looking around this cafe; I could not compete.

Dripoly in Pattaya, Thailand is a new cafe with a very modern design. I would try to describe it, but my photos are far superior to my vocabulary.


Thanks to Dripoly for the amazing inspiration, with a splash of coffee.

Gil <3 @purepinay


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I always try to spent some hours in a local cafe shop wherever I travel. I look at the people and observe them so I feel like I can get to know then and the city better. :)

;) I'm the same. I travel and make a home (temporary) everywhere I go. That's why I like 'slooooooow travelling', a couple months in each place, you really get to know it, make friends, etc.

I love coffee too, I can drink it all day, in fact I'm having coffee now. believe it or not Mc Donalds Restaurant has the best tasting coffee and the best price. I bought a coffee at a fancy coffee expresso place the other day. I asked for a reg drip coffee, it cost $5 I took one sip and that was it, I couldn't drink anymore. Just give me a good cup off coffee that your mother would make and I'm happy.


I heard that before. I guess they spent a lot on development, to have the best coffee!


hermoso lugar a mi también me encanta viajar y visitar lugares nuevos, experimentar cosas nuevas suerte en tus viajes y saludos.


Gracias, Michelle!

Realmente aprecio tu tiempo pasando por mi página. Gracias por los saludos!

Cómo estás? Espero que lo estás haciendo bien. Por cierto, de dónde eres y dónde viajas habitualmente?



Hola yo soy de Venezuela y me encanta primeramente conocer mi propio país y su lugres turísticos, saludos, :)

Enjoy!!! looking fresh and beautiful as always!
Stay happy and Stay safe always xoxo

miss na kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Thank you kapatid. Am doing well, I hope you are too and your family. Rob is leaving for Spain very soon. It would be nice if you guys can meet him. ^_-

You can message him on his wall. I'd like to give you a little gift ^_-

Love you! XOXO

Life is one big journey after another isn't it? Upvoted!


Now I want to visit Thailand, nice post.

Awesome photos! Hey I just started my own travel blog about my life journey. Check it out! I'm still a freshy but I hope you like it!


I like your writing style @purepinay ! So descriptive. If you dont mind im gonna go and get a coffee myself now:))


Hehe Thank you, Holm! That's cool! What coffee did you get? Am curious. ^_-

  • Gil

ok yan ah =D

i thought its only me who noticed that smelling coffee on a coffee shop that is fully airconditioned seems so relaxing :)

Coffee junkie!

Yay here also a coffee shop addict! I just wrote my blog here in the coffeeshop while enjoying a hot Coffee! No better place to write emails and chill than a coffee shop! I wish you a lot of good coffee shop visits in the future hehe


Hi Gil! :) yeah.. coffee for NOT breakfast. ;p i also often have just coffee until lunch. i actually added a banana or maybe a sandwhich (which RC really liked) since i was sick for awhile and started losing weight too much.

Wow beautiful you are ♡♡

You're so pretty! I love coffee too. What's your favorite flavor?


Aw! Thank you, Katrina!

My fave flavor is salted caramel ^_- how about you?
Thank you for dropping by <3


That sounds amazing! I didn't know such a flavor existed. Now I'll have to try it lol. And my fave flavor is Pumpkin Spice, especially during the colder seasons.

I love coffee too.

Somebody said that the travel is like a book and those who do not travel read just one page. Nice post I Upvoted it

The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination

Do u travel all by yourself @purepinay


Sometimes but am with boyfriend right now and our coolest friend ^_-

I haven't traveled abroad by myself, am honestly scared of traveling the world alone LOL

Where do you usually travel, Gian?

Thank you for dropping by.

<3 Gil

Hiiiiii ;)))

Euummmmm,,,. :)

I like and I try it.

There is nothing more nutritious than watching and activating all your senses to achieve the connection between you and the place.

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travel makes life more beautiful..

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Upvoted love your travel @purepinay ^_^

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take care always

Nowhere ever seems as good once you live there. Living somewhere and vacationing are very different. We do different things, we have different priorities.

Why is lunch your first meal of the day?

This wonderful post, upvote from @mamun-net

Coffeeshops are the best place to chill and spot people XD. Especially when they are so nice decorated <3.