" Trust Your Struggle " The More You Give The More You Receive!

Hello @Steemit Family!
Life is full of challenges. How a person handles those challenges is what defines them in the end. Walk by Faith & not by sight is what I've always been taught. Whether its financial hardship, relationship issues, or career difficulties, or whatever obstacles you face, its a must that you trust your struggle & know that one day these trying times shall come to pass as nothing lasts forever. Reminds me of a great song from an artist I stumbled across a while ago by the name of Feki. Checkout the great vibes this song releases as you just meditate on all of the greatness in your life :)

I have rough days from time to time but when I escape to my happy place & think about the love I receive from my loved ones and realizing that this life may not be easy all the time I am however blessed to be alive & breathing. I hope this blog finds you in great health & spirit. As you thrust through the rest of your day, find your happy place & GIVE It YOUR ALL. Nobody ever said how one has to give in order for you to receive but as long as your giving and something is attainable to be gotten your workings aren't in vain.

Video Credit: Ted Talks / Zain Asher Via YouTube