Forgive your debts, change your future (video/podcast)

When you hold onto your old grudges, judging people for debts unpaid and old insults, you affirm that you too should be judged for the mistakes you've made in the past. When you let go of your old debts, you take a firm stance that you can be forgiven, that, despite all your errors, you can create new things, and be recreated. You are not a victim of your past, and by changing your perspective on your past, you can change your future.

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I accidentally landed at this post and after reading it, I'm very happy. I can't agree with you more. You got a new follower and here is something for those who don't like to forgive others:


upvoted and followed you if you like salaheldeen0 please upvoted and follow me...

Truly inspirational!! Thank you!!

Holding a grudge is such a pointless waste of your time and energy.
You have to forgive and forget and move on and be happy.