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Hi there. I'm glad to have been inspired by the inner motivation to write here, even if there is a very small gathering of people to listen to. It is no matter.

When I write, I hope that it is of some comfort for some people, who find that when they come online to read this, they feel a sense of comfort, of relief, and that it helps them to feel supported.

In the last post, we found out that it is futile to change the world, but it is fruitful for people to discover the exact nature as to why.

It was written that mankind does not really desire peace, because it would threaten all sorts of interests.

There are a great many people who have power, status and wealth because of destruction, because of manipulating and because of seperation and division.

But besides political and commercial interest, the biggest threat peace poses is to the human mind (the ego) itself.

What people don't know, and which is extremely important to grasp out of this, is that the human ego and mind actually thrives from negativity.

What? Ridiculous, some may say. How is this so? Isn't the ego just a way of interacting with the world?

One can call that the persona (which is a set of habits to interact with the world).

The human ego comes to dominate us because it secretly propogates and dominates via negativity. It gets a pleasure from it all.

Secretly, people love to hate, to be "right", to make others wrong, to hate others for their good fortune. It is all part and parcel of its nature.

Therefore, as long as there are human beings, there will never be "peace" on the planet. It is a face that is to be accepted, because of the human condition itself.

Is there a way we can escape its dominance?

Yes. We start by realizing the nature of the ego.

To start off, the ego controls by getting a pleasure out of negativity of all sorts, whether it's feeling like a loser, hating others, pitying and feeling sorry for oneself, blaming, wanting to yell at others, blaming others, being jealous etc.

We start by accepting that this is its nature.

We next see that the ego is the exact same in every human being. The only difference is to how enslaved we are to its dominance, as well as how it operates according to culture, class and upbringing.

The egos desires are universal: pleasure and gain. Pleasure is always desired from all sorts of things, both from emotions as well as things in the outside world. Gain manifests as wanting recognition, attention, status and power (which money serves on multiple levels).

At its very core, the ego is totally narcissistic, and will sacrifice everything and everyone just to achieve its desires, and reacts cruelly if frustrated. We see this with dictators like Stalin, who slaughtered millions of his own people, and even sent his victorious troops into labour camps, where many died. He killed many of his most loyal men.

This dark potential is within all of us. All of this.

This may seem dark and disturbing, but in reality, once we accept this fact, we need not feel guilty about it.

We can start by becoming freer by applying humour to this whole condition, by giving our ego a name... I call mine Fuzzy.

We then just watch what kind of motivations, desires and feelings the ego secretly has that it doesn't want others to know...

"Of course Fuzzy, you want all the cookies on the plate". "Of course Fuzzy, you hate them." "Of course Fuzzy, you want to spend 2 hours alone with that woman, even if you she has a boyfriend".

We start to laugh at the whole situation. There is no need to be grim and depressed about the fact that this is something we were born with, which we inherited along with every other human.

When we own this dark nature, we become more self-accepting, and more importantly, we stop projecting it onto the world. Projecting is an unconscious way of disowning a dark part of ourselves, and then keep it out of conscious awareness by seeing it in the world in other people.

Therefore, dishonest people see a world of dishonest and dishonerable people. Hateful people see a world of hate, in which they find they are hated by everyone.

Most of us have a projection of some sort, and so when we own our own dark nature, we find we become freer and lighter, and find we can forgive ourselves for not being perfect.

This is all for now. Don't want to write too much at once.

God bless.

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