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The way some men appear, they will never marry on earth! They will only do that at the marriage supper of the lamb after rapture because no lady on earth wants to marry them!

This guy is crude for God's sake! Comb your hair, trouble! Brush your teeth, wahala, iron your clothes headache, shine your shoe, world war! And he wants a pretty lady to notice him, huncle, you need to go to your village and shine there ooo, in the city, you are too crude to attract a decent lady to you, honestly!

There are some who are holier than Jesus and will not allow us to hear word. They condemn every lady they see and wander why angels don't walk on the street.

Over spirituality is the reason some bros will reach 100 before they realize they need deliverance! Stop being rude, crude, aggressive, judgmental and critical because you know a little bible memory verse. Real gentlemen are gentle. Brutish, arrogant, pompous, over spiritual brothers are a big turn off to ladies, any day, anytime!

Huncle, what do you do for a living? Uncle is a full time minister, his bed is his congregation and he preaches to it, day in, day out after masturbating on it. Jesus was full time minister yet he had money! Judas Iscariot was his treasurer! All these lazy, idle, jobless, visionless guys disturbing ladies everywhere to marry them without any single means of income are dupes! If you as a lady is foolish enough to marry one, you will end up a sorry case! The gospel you preach should attract money, ask Jesus how He made His own money while on earth, do it Jesus way. You don't need to steal, hype, dupe or kill anybody! May God inspire your head with ideas to make money. Pastor Kumuyi preach holiness more than any preacher I know yet he is a multi-millionaire, what makes his case different?

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Stingy Huncle will not buy ordinary #500 ebook that will change his life, yet he wants to marry! Ordinary 1k for just 2 ebooks: "Overcoming Marital Delay" and "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate" so you can attract your real bone and flesh and get married on time, you don't have, how in the name of God do you want to pay your bills and take care of a wife and kids???

Huncle, enough of fingering, romancing, and sleeping with innocent girls everywhere ooo, if you don't want to live the rest of your life miserably! Whoredom smells, it is repulsive! It's the reason so many ladies find you disgusting and will never say YES to your marriage proposal.

Alright, let me stop here. I know some "spirikoko" brothers will find everything wrong with this post and the lazy ones will fight to their tooth claiming they don't need to do anything until their wife comes and everything will magically turn into bliss even when they lack vision and stay in bed every single moment of their lives.

May the Lord grant you the wisdom to humbly accept correction and make amendments where necessary. I see you connecting with your soul mate and getting married soon. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

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