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If I ever write a gift of God’s gift to me, I will end up composing a book (a book that will be far more voluminous than all the volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica put together). Everything and everybody, whatever I may mention or fail to mention, is a gift of God for a definite purpose. And I am sorry to have come to an “incontrovertible” and “sweeping” conclusion that ALL THINGS, NOT JUST SOME THINGS, ARE IN MY LIFE FOR GOD’S GOOD REASONS.

I think when we begin to look at people and things from the perspective of their divine “giftedness” and their inherent value (no matter how infinitesimal it may appear), ANTAGONISM, HATRED, SNOBBISHNESS and INDIFFERENCE will peter out. Never intending to sideline God, I think we’ve got a good chunk of the task of MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE. God can never OPPOSE us when we sincerely DISPOSE ourselves to do what He PROPOSES. He is a Pure Spirit. And a spirit can only act through a medium or a body. You and I are the BODIES, the HANDS and the FEET that He needs to act.

As you pray for heavenly intervention, make conscious efforts to allow the heavenly power intervene through “YOU” by the little acts of kindness and love you show to others. It can never be automatic! It will always be an ACT OF THE WILL. Exercise that will! God has given “YOU” the POWER! YOU CAN make it HAPPEN if YOU WANT!

Goodday to you!
And remain blessed!

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