What is the difference between happy and sad/angry people?

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Happy people love themselves, sad/angry people don't.

In past, I was angry too. I just to blame everyone, was a judgemental and very critic. Big amount of negative energy was in me. I was thinking that I don't deserve to be happy, successful, I was sabotaging myself and in the way, weird way enjoyed of being a victim.
Now I know it was because I was scared of failure. If you don't do anything to succeed you cant fail, right?
It is very hard to question yourself, and even harder to admit that you are so screwed up and need to change.


The first thing you have to do is learn to love yourself and forgive yourself.
It is a process and doesn't happen overnight, but when you succeed your life will change drastically. I took me about 6-7 months. Most people give up because this is not something you can change in one week.
If you aren't satisfied with yourself, are angry and negative then you need to reprogram your mind and start over. This step is very hard but once you succeed everything else will change rapidly for your benefit.


I realized that my biggest enemy was my brain (mind). That constant voice in my mind that was saying, you cant do it! it's too hard! wait!
You need to put your brain in his place. It's not the boss of you!!

I knew that I cant reprogram without help. So during my "brain makeover," I started to meditate. Since I never meditated before, I was using guided meditations.

I will share meditation that changed my life. It is a meditation by Louise Hay.

It is a guided meditation for learning to love yourself and forgive yourself. I was listening to this meditation every night to sleep with my headphones, and once or twice during the day while cooking or cleaning...

Trust me you can change your life but first learn to love yourself :)

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