Dare To Be You

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Once you lose your mind you will find it. The minute we stop caring what others think about us and stop 'trying' to be good and normal and perfect is the minute we start living and living for us.

Wanting to be accepted and to appear like everyone else - so you can not raise eyebrows is a really mundane way to live.

Alot of robots in the world who just act the same and think the same. Dare to be different. Dare to be you.

So accept yourself and be yourself and reveal yourself and those who like you that will stick around and those who get uneasy coz they like the safety of being around fellow robots will get offended and leave you alone. Win win.

I like the real you. 💖


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Love, light and blessings. 💚🌟💫
@lovehaswon 💚


So true! It's so much easier to be you when you're honest up front and you let the one's who don't vibe with that just walk away. This one took me awhile to grasp but once I did, I've never gone back!

It's always so worth it to be yourself. Thanks for sharing @lovehaswon!

PS: I'd love to hear your thoughts about my recent post: Want To Get What You Don't Already Have? The Art Of Compersion Will Get You There!

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