Why I left the Group Chat?

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Hi this is Kuraizuke and welcome to my digital lifestyle...


Today, I want to explain why I left the Group Chat on Facebook.

So why?

I left not because of any drama nor because I don't like the group or anything else. I left because I don't want to compel myself creating a blog out of getting votes from others. I want to create a blog because I like to and not because I have to. I want to know if I am up to it and if I really do have what it takes to become a blogger and to write contents that are not trash to others, which is something that I could consider a benefit when others are reading my articles.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."
--Benjamin Franklin

Cryptocurrency changed my perspective about money, freedom, and control. Nobody wants to become poor and slave by the rules set by few people where you get trapped in the rat race of this world. Trying to get fit in is no longer my goal but being free and true to myself. No more pleasing everyone since you can't please everybody even though you are right, they will still say you are wrong. I know it's kinda a suicide tactic leaving the group chat but hey! If others can create blogs that does not require them to make it long and boring, and gets earnings, why not me? So, I will do what it takes to persevere but not to the extent that I will trample others. Yes! I want to be free but not to the point where I am going to abuse it or disrespect other's point of view. We do have our own perspective but we do share a common goal and that goal is to achieve money freedom.


So, here I am posting this blog and I hope that I could inspire you doing the same thing. Make a blog that helps people get educated, entertained, and inspired.

"Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”
-- Brian Clark

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