Not Everyone is Meant to Be the "Boss"

in #inspiration3 years ago

Mind if I get your thoughts on something Steem Fam? Lately, everywhere I look, I see lots of "Be the Boss" type stuff. And while that's awesome, I sincerely don't believe every one is supposed to be the boss.

Now hear me out for a second.

Imagine an organization full of bosses.... Honestly, I couldn't. To me, we'd need a Marketing team, a Production team, a Sales team etc... And it'd be even better if each of those individuals LOVED their job. (It's possible, I've seen it) The organization would probably flourish and do much good.

Ok, so here's my thought.

Instead of "Be the Boss", I propose "Be the BEST".

If that means Boss for you, go on with your awesome sauce Self! But if you don't have the desire to lead you CAN STILL be the best.

Being an employee doesn't mean disappearing and becoming a number. YOU CAN add value, you can be CREATIVE, you can propose ideas for new practices, you can be a friggin' FORCE OF NATURE being the best you can be in the position you're in.

Don't let anyone tell you ANYTHING. Listen to them, listen to me, and be a student not a follower. Do what works for you Creative.

So please, share your thoughts!!! Am I the only one that thinks this way?? #creativesoulsociety

*Sidenote... This is my 4th day on Steemit and the welcome has been incredible! Thank you everyone for your upvotes, comments, tips and resteems!! It means so much to me!

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