How are you doing? Really?

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How are you doing?! Really how are you guys? Between exams and the meetup and the blog and mom life and spouse life, I have not been able to message and Skype you guys as much as I’d like! So please tell me what are you up to?

Quick Week Recap

  1. Opened an amazon store, got invited to Handmade at Amazon.
    (Have not figured out handmade product to sell lol. Toss all ideas my way!)
  2. Started Meetup Group for Creatives! Has over 30 members now (might have to start a membership fee to cover expenses, I didn’t think it would get this big that fast, and yes 30+ is big to me) Would love your thoughts and input on this!
  3. Studying until my eyeballs fall out for exams... I need straight A’s to maintain my scholarship so thoughts, prayers, vibes and all that need to come my way lol!
  4. I appreciate every single one of you. I wish the best for you. As always, thank you for being you, Creative. #creativesoulsociety
  5. Lastly... This is officially my first weekaversary on Steemit! Still figuring it out and trying to navigate, but I like it! Mad a couple dollars too! so yay!

Stay strong @katniawatkins being readed on steemit and meet people is not an easy task at all.

But im sure we both can get a place in this cool community. Have a good day! :)

Hey there @selected ! Thank you for dropping by! Same to you! Tho it looks like you're a pro at Steemit already!!

Oh nevermind @katniawatkins seriously. But well as i sayd maybe someday .. just stay strong and create content.

Have a good day 😘

you too! thank you!!

That is great!

Your hardwork, dedication and passion will pay off!


oh thank you so much!

Wow! Awesome to see another badass lady-hustler here on steemit! You certainly are busy! Keep up the good work and congrats on getting into Handmade by Amazon... I'm sure Etsy is sweating it out about that haha!

I've been experimenting arm-knitting scarves thanks to @karensuestudios might be something cool you can make for your store :)

Oooh yes! Shout out to all the girl bosses lol! And yeah a few other people mentioned scarves, I'm gonna see if it's something I can do. Thank you! and same to you! I saw your last post and loved it!!

Thank you thank you dear! Looking forward to catching up on yours as well.. also. If you decide to start arm knitting don't come for me for help. I have ZERO clue what I'm doing ;)

I'm more of an "ideas" person lol

DO you read the posts you comment on??

Just a spam bot for #introduceyourself posts i'm afraid. #LAME :/

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