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You are stressed and you're exhausted. You are tired of seeing little changes in what you are passionate about. You wanted to see great results and achieve what others can. You're praying that somebody would appreciate your work, like a kindness waiting for a thank you. Seeing you strive touches my heart and I know somebody would see what I have seen in you.

To you, everything you do is worth a thousand words of hard work. You give your best every time you create something for your craft. You’re always focused and imagining how would people perceive your work. You were very cautious. I can sense that you're very gentle on your work and it's obvious.

I can say too that you're not just another craftsman. Your masterpiece tells everything about who you are. The way it was made is an evidence of somebody pouring their heart out in what they do. There are not so many people whom I've met like you. How I wish I could help you and your efforts pay off. If only someone out there appreciates you like I do, if only people show more care to people like you, you won't have to struggle like this.

You're not really aiming to be famous. You just wanted to see someone smile every time someone stops by and takes time to peek in your work. To you an achievement is to witness somebody smile on their cheeks upon seeing your work. It melts your heart and it inspires you to do more. You were ecstatic to start and create another masterpiece. It's what keeps you revitalized and you're thrilled every time. It was all what you wanted.

Right now, I never imagined that I would stare to you like this. You changed and you are like a different person, someone I have never met before. You're like a flower that grows without sunlight. You are hiding it but you were pretty miserable and it shows.

I can only see you now staring at your works pondering of what happened yesterday. I thought you wanted to see somebody smile when someone looks at your works? Why can't you do it yourself now?

If only you did not lost you're light I am probably seeing the real you, a sunshine that never fade away no matter how hard the rain falls. If only you still fought for your purpose and continued you aspirations, what could've been your situation? I am guessing it wasn't like this. Still, I want to believe that you will find your way back. By that time, please don't be afraid to get lost.

"Be gentle to yourself. You're doing the the best you can." - Anon

We always tend to say, "I am going to do my best ", but we often forget to remember it when everything isn't just what you expected to be. There were countless people who gave up on their dreams because they felt inferiority. Stress and depression are two strong disappointments that influence one person who experience as such.

I would say, not to expect anything in return can keep you away from disappointments. It doesn't matter if there are people who don't appreciate you because it only means that you haven't found your own tribe.

Once you found your tribe, love them and don't forget self-love too. As much as you're doing your best, you also need to be gentle and caring to yourself. Only then will people come to know your worth.

Was there a time you felt like giving up? What does it take to come into a conclusion that it isn't for you? Have you met someone who lost passion on their dream but found a reason to pursue it again?

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You give me a daily dose of Motivation thank you @iamwreader for being there always available for me


It is my pleasure to have you as one of my readers @lovepreet2511! Keep it up as well and welcome all the blessings!

Really inspire specially for me. Keep writing and share. :)


Thanks for the compliment! You can be always positive by surrounding yourself with positive people. See you around!