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Seeds.jpgThe seed of the cedar tree is tiny in comparison to the mighty rock it landed on. The seed does not worry about how it got to be on the rock, it simply starts growing. Day by day the tiny filament roots search out dust and moisture, thinner than a human hair, they weave their way through tiny crevices, until their reach the heart of the rock. The rate of growth is imperceptible, but over time the constant expansion of the roots shatters the mighty rock into tiny pieces.

The power of the seed comes from the fact that it doesn't care about where it was planted, it grows in spite of its surroundings and eventually overcomes all obstacles to self-realisation. Nature is programmed to overcome all obstacles to realisation. If the tree seed was aware that its mission was to break the rock into pieces it would not even try. Outwardly the challenge appears insurmountable, a tiny, almost invisible seed, versus a mighty rock. Nobody would blame the seed for thinking that it would be better to shrivel up and die than to attempt such an impossible feat. Happily the seed is not aware of its limitations and so it just begins to grow.

The lack of awareness is the seeds source of strength. The seed does not have to concern itself with what other seeds are thinking, or doing, it just keeps exponentially expanding until the rock is broken into tiny pieces. The tree will receive no applause for accomplishing its mission, nor does it receive a pat on the back for persevering and overcoming. The struggle the seed went through to stay alive will never be understood until an observer comes along who can appreciate its effort, and, take time to honour the accomplishment.

Thank you for persevering, thank you for overcoming all obstacles to realisation, I saw your beauty and admired it and now I am sharing it with the world.

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