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Beloved, Friday 22nd of June 2018 was a great day for all true Nigerians! The Nigerian team won against ICELAND! That is not the main gist.
Nigeria had no shots on target through out the first half. According to the FIFA website, the only team that had such a misfortune was South Korea in 2014. World cup. Apparently, even the best pundits were not positively disposed to a Nigerian Victory.
But fast forward to second half, before you could spell ICELAND, Ahmed Musa scored the most outstanding goal of the tournament.

As though that was not enough, he did an even more deft attempt at goal and it was another spectacular goal!

Can I speak to my brethren.

The first half of the year may have been even without one shot on target, but we are about entering the second half, May God give you grace for spectacular goals!
You shall not score only one goal! You shall score enough goals to ensure you win 2018 comprehensively!
Whatever happens, may God give you victory in Jesus name!

You are the BEST!

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