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That is amazing. It is great that we have multiple views. Given your description..I think Jesus is the moon. What I mean is that I believe that all things were created through Him. When he gave us directions for life I believe that it was encompassing buddhist thoughts toward suffering. I believe it is deeper though. When we focus on the moon (in my case Jesus) we can see the truth through His teachings, the by product is infact taking care of the suffering in the world. I think it would be impossible to be a devotee of Jesus and not live a life the isnt about yourself. The real difference is in the individual acknowledging Jesus for who He says He is (God) or not...


Thank you for discussing this with me @freedompoint.

I think the main topic is the end of suffering but that following in Christ's footsteps will lead a person to discover that is the most important matter at hand - not pleasure I.e. Heaven or Paradise.

I think it is good enough to speak about easing and removing suffering in and of itself, but the Bible does have pointers. One of the pointers is when Jesus 'says' that he will give you his 'new name' in Revelations.

I believe his new name is:

  • I Am

The 'Jesus' in 'I Am Jesus' was removed with the 'I Am' remaining by itself.

There is more than that but I believe knowing 'I Am' and more importantly, the Great I Am when even the 'I Am' is removed, is more valuable than remembering the storyline that the pointers were framed in.

I really enjoy your company 😊

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