O Y P Vlog #201: Can We Afford Not To?!

in inspiration •  last year 

Everyday we face some sort of issue. We insert an excuse as to why we are not doing something. Whether it is our prayer life or our health.

Today may be our last day on the homestead. We are scrambling to finish our last minute details. It is all fun and games until you find something new that needs fixed on the RV. With all of this going on, should I vlog......can I afford not to?!

Be well. Be encouraged. Be radical.

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If there is any doubt then back to meditation

When we get on the road I am sure it will level out! It is pretty stressful shutting down and selling a homestead and then minimizing. I am ready to get barefoot and knock on the sky!

The main thing will calm down, no matter how important the event was

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed. We are old friends. But I find that in order to get back to feeling in control, I need to make time for meditation and my daily walks along the beach, walking barefoot in the sand. Once you actually leave, you will be able to meditate again. Too much on your plate right now...

Haha amazing. I am sure there is a plate under there somewhere 😀

My mind is full of excuses and I really have a hard time pushing past them. You are very right to pose the thought of can I afford not too. Thanks for the post.

Hey, thank you. I love life and live it forward!