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Since the day a policeman start training as a recruit he has been confined. The life of a policeman is not free. The policeman is to sign arm register on daily basis that subjected him to supervision or check like habitual criminal. He can run but cannot hide, the number of night he share bed with his wife is very limited. He has no freedom of his own he only escape to see his family and rush back. This started on the day of his enlistment as a recruit.
The policeman is a modern day slave especially the rank less, the inferiors or inspector rank and file. He has no Union, he adapt and bear all risk and shit, he reported no complain even when the going is rough for him. He is subjected by threat and fear of unknown. He see dismissal as a death sentence. He is confined not to be expose and civilize, and this lead to his poverty of ideas. He could be force against his Will, yet he reported.... No complain. He could be cheated and still say Yes sir.......
The policeman is an individual whose effort and risk is consider as normal. His mistakes can not be forgiven and the glory of his good performance goes to his boss and compensation is rare. He is the most down graded and down looked with hatred in this world is policemen. He Face inferiority complex and carry on with stubbornness and ruggedity . The policeman enemies are numerous even his friends only use and dump him and he is not actually beloved by anyone.
People Friend him because of his Little influence, just because of his potential, usefulness and legal knowledge. The corpse of an armed robbers attract sympathy than the corpse of policemen. What a pity! A policeman is an individual whose poverty force to do some unclean acts and when his conscience condemn his actions he Encourage himself by asking himself "Will I remain poor? " And answer himself "NO" The problems of the police as an organization is cause by the public, the police as a body, The policemen as an individuals and the government who don't care about them. police go extreme just to make it in life as a result illegality and abuse of power set in. What attract people to join police is not the salary............. But the chance of acquiring power and bearing the fire arm.
A patriotic policeman is very scarce in Nigeria today. The above mentioned factors are major causes of the unacceptable acts of some policemen. victimization and mental frustration which a policeman experience on a daily basis in the organization is more than what people can think, imagine a policeman is dwelling in hell.....His monthly take home cannot take home. His pay is nothing to compare with the job they do, let alone the risk. If he is not favored by posting, he will live like a church rat for donkey years. The chance of his success in life require a miracle. His Bank account is always on Red. friends, relatives just believe my submission from a critical observation by me. It is not a research!
The God of a policeman is a great God. He neutralize his risk. Criminals are always scared at his sight whether on duty or not. Even notorious armed robbers gang avoid them even when they may not aware. They only have a confrontation when they meet unexpectedly and unavoidable gun battle. His life is at risk yet no good life insurance. A risky job whereby there is no life insurance. A job whereby our life is not secure to secure others. A job where enemies are all around you all the time. A job where the love ones you left behind when you die are left to suffer. OH! what a job!
Now another sentence of 35years will soon begin..... I will advise anyone to consider my above points to look before you leap. Think of the potential gains, risk and lost before going to the next sentence this is because after you are sentenced you are no longer your own. You will be used till you run down like Blackberry battery.
I know the choice of job opportunities in Nigeria is a mess. But think well, once you are there breaking out is impossible.
Kudos to all dedicated serving policemen/women God is our strength and he will continue to spread his protective wings on us.....

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