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SUCCESS :: I wanna talk about success for some minutes and please read and be blessed, thanks for your time and everything @jona12 @tfame3865 @gmichelbkk @writesbackwards @idcinc @dnews @tcpolymath @popovicsjodie @freedompoint @because success has been misunderstand.
Firstly; of the greatest enemy of success is the fear of failure, some people are afraid to pursue their success because they believe they might fail so they don't try to do something new.
Secondly; success is the potential destiny of all created things, every seed has a tree in it and the potential success of that tree is in that seed and that is the way we all are..


Whatever you are born to do and to be is in you now and the success of your life depends on you becoming all that is trapped inside of you, the fair thing about success is important is to define it. So what is success :success is the completion and the fulfillment of the original intent or purpose for your existence or why you were deated. In other words success is not making alot of money, success is not having a big house with a car by the lake, success is not having a lot of friends, alot of accolades, alot of plaques on the wall, success is really very very simple. If you discovering your purpose and completing it before you die. In other words success must be measured by why you were created, success is therefore a purpose fulfilled, success is not measured by what you have done compared to what others have done, this is very important, sometimes we compete with other people and because we do better than them, we will think we are successful, success is not out bidding or out classing other people. You can always find someone less than you, so you think you are successful, therefore success should not be measured by what you have done, compared to what others have done. This is how to talk about measurements of success; success is measured by what you have done, compared to what you should and could have done...
The only person who knows how successful you are is you and God. Success is not compared with other people but how you compare with what you are capable of doing yourself. As a matter of fact when you read the Bible, the Bible says; the race in God plan is not to the swift, you don't come 1st because you are the head, the race is those who endures to the end, the finish of what you started, that is success. Success is not just existing. Success is making it to the end of why you were born. IF YOU CAN DREAM, YOU CAN MAKE IT..

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