To THRIVE or CREATE the choose!

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The FIGHT, enduring the hard and trying circumstances, thriving and coming out strong, this is who we have grown to become as Nigerians, that's why we can succeed in any situation in any weather we will thrive, ain't that beautiful?
But is this who we were created to be? Lets first understand the term hustling

What is hustling? Hustling in the Nigerian term is the ability to get in daring and challenging circumstances, persist and thrive in those circumstances.

I have a question, are we as human beings supposed to thrive in circumstances or create the circumstances?
I prefer to go with the later, we were built to create the circumstances, let me explain.

Every human was born to be in charge, to be in control of circumstances, you came from God you carry his essence and likeness which is the ability to function like him, you were created to dominate, to rule to control to subdue.

This is why we feel uneasy, and not at peace and sometimes even depressed, when circumstances do not work in our favour, because we are operating in a way we weren't designed to, our nature and spirit was designed to rule and not to be ruled by circumstances.

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Its like taking an eagle and tying its wings but leaving its legs free so it can move, eagles were designed to fly normally we'd think since its legs are free it will still move about, but the truth is it will struggle and struggle till it frees its wings,
this is what our psychological make up does, struggling with the fact that we are being dominated instead of doing what it was built to do dominate.
You were designed to manage and control your world, you function best when creating an environment conducive to do so.

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Now the question is do you want to be in charge do you want to create circumstances instead of always struggling to cope and thrive in them ?

This is how you do it... you get something that can't be controlled, you get something that can't be fired, you get something that will never depreciate nor wear out, you get something that makes you unstoppable and then you build your life around it, but does such a thing exist? Yes it does, and you are carrying it right now, its your GIFT.

At the early stage of Microsoft Bill gates was one of the most powerful men alive, he controlled, almost every computer in the whole wide world, one man, a drop out, no job no career, no cryptocurrency 😁😁😁, but his gift....

You wanna know why your gift is so powerful, it is scarce, the gift you carry now, only you got it(your gift is you), imagine having something only that is vital to humanity as a whole and in the whole world you are the only one that has it, it all of sudden places you before powerful men, cause now you like a crude oil you are rare and scarce, so now they come to you asking and begging to have a taste of what you got, that's what you have just lying there DORMANT in you, imagine such power to bring the world to your door step, that is what Steve jobs by serving his gift, the iPhone.

The world is full of general people, your gift is what makes you rare and specific and valuable you have got , so now you are rare they can't find you anywhere else so they treat you with care and value.

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Do you know why oil is so expensive it is because it is rare and valuable,if the oil producing nations gathered together and formed a monopoly and they would become so powerful why? because they have something that is scarce and very valuable, no one would mess with them, the whole world will answer to them when it comes to matters concerning petroleum, you are like that monopoly now, with all that power you can create the circumstances you want.

I shed tears when i see men and women capable of such power abused everyday in a job, abused everyday at the different vocational places, and these people carry so much value within, value worth so so much.

A job or career will never give you dominion, nor will a thousand degrees, because these are general things anyone can be good or super at it, but your gift...only you got it, ain't that amazing. This why some people can spend like 30 years in a job, but from nowhere someone like bill gates comes in and in a few years boom, he is a billionaire, what will give you prominence and make you indispensable is your ability to do something no one else can, your gift is that ability.

So Will you follow the current trend spend your years building a career and retire with pension , or will you choose to invest in what you are carrying now and in no time create the circumstances that you want?
Every day you refuse to create and control circumstances, you give it power over your life.

So how does one get this gift stuff to work?
we will be dealing with this in our subsequent posts till next time, stay great!


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