The thing you dey find for SOKOTO dey for your SHOKOTO

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Lolz thats a saying i heard my mum say a lot while i grew up, let me explain the meaning of the words sokoto is a state in Nigeria(northern nigeria), while shokoto is a type of short nicker worn by the Yoruba's--an ethnic group in western Nigeria--meaning what we travel far to find(sokoto), is already here with us(in our short nicker).

I think its a very good example, of the way we think of success, as something to go to, when it rather is something you let flow from you, in other words the success we dey find for sokoto, dey for our shokoto.

Have we never wondered why it is that most people pursue success and never arrive, i mean the average Nigerian spends 30 years of their lives in jobs, vocations and still end up broke depressed and sick,
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but within us, there are some other "special" people that don't even go through all these stress and all of a sudden BOOM! they are all over the news winning awards, getting contracts and stuff.
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Hmm, then what is this problem with the first group , because i know for sure that they are hardworking, i know most of them are prayerful, or is it that they are not chosen or specially gifted, i don't think so.

Their problem is that they spent all their lives pursuing success instead of releasing it.
We have been taught that we need to attain success, so we pursue and it and funny enough never arrive.

Let me explain what i mean with this short story,

She looked up it was another bright day in the forest, the young eagle yawned, she missed her family after being separated from them at birth, she could always recall stories he father told her of the sky, the glory and strength of every eagle was in the sky though she had never seen any bird fly, but she had seen a man zoom past on a glider some months ago, so she thought why don't I build that,ignorant of the fact the flight she sought to achieve was already in her, so she worked tirelessly for months building a glider
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(an aircraft that is similar to an airplane but without an engine)it was really frustrating, but she did it anyway cause she believed that was the way to her success...

An Eagle is a bird, it was created to rule the skies, so when it rules the skies its succeeding, that's what that eagle was trying to do by building a glider, which is dumb because we all know that an eagle doesn't need a special aircraft to fly, it has flight built in it, all it has to do is open its wings and learn to fly,This is the same thing we do as humans we struggle to get what we already have inside of us,what do i mean?

The manufacturer the one who invented success understood it, he knew the fragility of success so he put it in the safest place possible, in the product, in other words he built the success of everything into itself, so for a thing to succeed all it has to do is BE ITSELF!
That's why you will never see a seed that when planted will not grow naturally, that's why bird don't attend flight school to fly, its built in,fish don't attend swimming class, its built in.

God built everything that a thing is supposed to be in it
So within the seed is a tree , so within the bird is flight, and within you now is trapped your own success, but most of us are like that bird we keep on going to success, that we never release it, some of us out of ignorance others out of fear of failure.

In you right now in form of potential is a GIFT, that if served will change not only your life but the life of everything and everyone around you tremendously.
That's the way God designed us, that why he said your gift shall make a way for, and place you before great men, not your job nor the money in your account, nor you degrees ,nor your skills, Its YOUR GIFT!

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NEYMAR--he is worth 200 million pounds,ONE MAN!--if you like steal his riches hack his account and destroy his assets he is still a millionaire in pounds, his economy could shut down, go into recession, no jobs available, Neymar is still rich, where ever he goes his success goes with him.
He doesn't even need to carry money with him, wherever he goes, which ever part of the world he finds himself, all he has to do is find a football field and there you go, he produces success 200 million pounds and all the greatness,because its not in all those materials,ITS IN HIM.

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Look at billgates in one year of starting his own company--made of allen, his best friend and himself--he made a million dollars, something that most will spend 20 years or more making or don't make, he made it in one year, he wasn't anymore special or blessed than you and me, he just found his gift, and served it no stress.

The most beautiful thing in life is to be paid, to perform your hobby, in other words they PAY YOU TO BE YOURSELF, i mean these guys are making billions and millions without struggle-- no tarry nights, no Bsc nor degrees, they didn't attend success seminars --and they are happy while they do it just like neymar and billgates.

So yes go out there work on the job, but don't make it your permanent address, find your gift and develop it, serve it, and keep refining it, because they can steal your money, they can take your position, they can confiscate and burn your assets but what you have got INSIDE no one can touch, in other words its your gift that makes you UNTOUCHABLE and keeps you IN CHARGE, cause even though they don't like you once you have got a gift like that of neymar they will have no choice but to make space for you,and guess what? YOU ARE GIFTED

Today marks the beginning of a new month,So you have spent the past 4 months pursuing success, now its time for you to do something different, RELEASE it, and i am going to show you how in my subsequent posts, this post is the first in a series, that's going to take you on a journey to understanding the power within you.


I must say you did justice to this article.

The most beautiful thing in life is to be paid, to perform your hobby, in other words they PAY YOU TO BE YOURSELF

I love this and I'm going away with it. You did did well to break down the steps in attaining success, but you missed out in explaining what is sokoto and shokoto... We have foreign readers, you know.

Lolz thank you dear i am happy you love it, let add that explanation immediately

Steem on✌✌✌

It's time to think differently. Well done dear!


Thank you for sharing. I have upvoted your post and resteem it to my followers. This is to support you on this community


nice one. keep it up

You've made some wonderful points

In you right now in form of potential is a GIFT, that if served will change not only your life but the life of everything and everyone around you tremendously.

Success has a lot to do with focusing on the small steps we take and being consistent at it, then little by little, we'll yield great results.
Thank you for this amazing piece

I am glad, you learnt something new sir, thank you for your time

Emma i must say this is beautiful, your really good @ what you do...lets keep steeming to the moon...

Thank you sweetheart, i am glad you liked it

this article need to be resteemed one thousand times

Oh man, I am already in love with your blog. You really took time to make this look simple. Thanks

Thank you so much @geekis for those kind words, i appreciate you taking your time to go through the post

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