The little sad NOB

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The radio kept on, shhhhhhhhhhhh, then silence then shhhhhhhh the drill continued.
He looked at it beautiful with all magnificence, well built speakers, what a delicate beautiful and durable body it had, it was what i would call SLEEK, but all it did was shhhhhhhhhhh(static) and silence and shhhhhhhhh, this was all this magnificent radio had been producing since its purchase this was a radio in the words of the manufacturer "full of so much potential" but shhhhhhhhhhh, and then silence, this was quite disturbing, but not that bad, you say not that bad? Yes that seemed to be normalcy, its happening everywhere, many have this radio too and it produces the same static, for someone it BARELY sang, the only thing was that this shhhhhhhhh wasn't the promise of the manufacturer, the radio didn't play music no news nothing but shhhhhhhhhhh, well he didn't know he didn't care as far as it produced something it was okay, down there on the radio, the little tuning nob with a sad face looked at him, and thought i wish you could just turn me.

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Ain't this pathetic, such a beautiful radio set, with all that power and all it produced--not what it COULD produce-- was static sound, that static sound was a NOTHING sound, the radio was doing nothing, yes its busy, but it is produce nothing compared to what it can do .

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Actually when i look around me i see a lot of radios in form of people just producing shhhhhhhhhh, These are very beautiful, creative people, full of so so much potential, with all this magnificence some spend 80 years alive carrying out activities and in the end all it means is nothing, doing things but at the end you look at them and see nothing but pain, unfulfillment and regret, not because they intentionally choose this, but like the radio owner they don't know, and if they know they don't believe it, because the environment in which we live reinforces this, shhhhhhhhhh is just okay.

How do i know that the lives i see around me aren't supposed to be that way, i know this because of the promise of our manufacturer, but what did the manufacturer promise?

And God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it [using all its vast resources in the service of God and man]; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves upon the earth Genesis 1 vs 28 (amp)

This is the promise, of the manufacturer...DOMINION
When a manufacturer says demand something from a product, he means he put it there, if TECNO puts 5000 mah standy by 72 hours on the pack of a phone, that's a promise they are telling you to demand that from the product, Your creator has promised you dominion, and asks that you demand it from yourself.

That radio produced static but is this what the radio could and should produce... Nooo, then why is it doing so because it has not been TUNED well, this is the Same with most people who end up producing nothing,the thing is that these people aren't actually NOTHINGS and have more than enough CAPACITY to produce more and WAY MORE than nothing but they too have neglected to turn the nob, now please a question what is the human nob?

The human nob is the MIND, whatever you believe determines the results you get in life, so to maximize life, you have to make sure your mindset(thinking and belief system) is always tuned the right way, cause if you mindset is tuned to junk you life will definitely BE junk.

At the age of 14 young MYLES MUNROE cried out to the manufacturer, "God why am i poor"? and the answer he got is one answer that constantly evades humanity, the reply was "you are poor because of your mind" this is what we seem to not figure, we don't see the small tuning nob for what it really is, a tool of control to produce what ever result we want, your mind doesn't carry power but it directs the power in you, the nob doesn't power the radio it directs it, we are so so busy doing so many things, living lives that are not up to our satisfaction, going to jobs we hate, enrolling for courses we have no interest in, and hoping in a failed governmental system.
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Was this the promise of the manufacturer or is this just what we have grown to see as normal. Some of us just RICH, and most times not satisfied, i mean with all the money you just feel NOTHING, what is missing? Let me tell you what is missing...DOMINION
life is not what we want it to be .

Thinkdifferently is here to help and save , so that we don't become our environment-- which is constantly influencing us everyday whether we like it or not--but direct our own destiny, creating the reality that we want for ourselves, and exercise DOMINION, we are going to be serving it out in posts, through out this month so please do well stay tuned to this blog

You are in charge of your life, if you want to have a better life, a life where you are in charge, you have got to CHANGE YOUR THINKING, the nob won't turn itself, YOU DO THE TURNING!
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