ALL OF THAT! and it was just for nothing...

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So i know a guy who can be busy for Africa he had his hands soaked in many things and business stuff, to him this was the path way to success for him, i am glad i was able to change that philosophy of his.

Normally we think we have so many things to do as humans but actually we don't, most of us are so busy about many many things that in the end leave us feeling empty and just there, you and i were created to do just one thing, which isn't to be wealthy, build houses, or own Lamborghini's, not even to be successful we were created to

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.
Genesis 2:15 NIV

The Neglect of that verse is why most people End up on their death beds regretting , that's why you see a lot old people with hands on their chins looking sad, some of them very wealthy some poor, do you know why? its because instead of working as they were created to they were trying to be successful.

What is work? Work is not going to a job or building a career ,work there means SELF MANIFESTATION

You and I were put here to work, when God says work it doesn't mean do something it means become someone, When a bird is flying its working, when a seed is becoming a tree it is working, when the fish swims it is working, when the sun gives light it is also working.

This is why so many people spend their lives in regret ,because they spent their whole lives doing things, instead of BECOMING someone (their true selves)

I learnt that most times what people on their death beds regret are not the things they did, but the kind of person they never were, dreams they didn't fulfill, goals they didn't pursue, problems they could have solved.

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This is why i think it is not Death most people fear it is getting to the end of life only to realize you never truly lived, this is where the continuous pursuit of success has left many people, some millionaires and billionaires but that regret is still there cause at the end all they have is wealth and no Fulfillment, terrible!
see here

Those dreams you have to be this and that wont go away, that's a sign of your gift(s).

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Just imagine Nelson Mandela said okay, i really would love to fight and end the apartheid system, let me settle for this good job and the great salary, that's all he would have ever been, but he pursued his dream and utilized the power within, his gift.
Though i don't know Nelson but i have a feeling that when he was about to draw his last breath he smiled and thought mehn i did it, i was NELSON MANDELA, not another well paid lawyer.

Are the things you are currently pursuing going to give you lasting peace, joy and fulfillment or are they just for the fulfilment of needs and wants?
Imagine building your whole life on that, you spent 90 years on earth and all you did was meet needs and satisfy wants. What an empty life!
Will the plan you have for the next five years leave you on your death bed smiling or sighing?

Do you know why people never become their true selves, i mean the dreams that keep popping up but you keep ignoring & postponing.
Its not because they weren't supposed to, nor because of family curses, nor is it because of lack of financial support nor any other thousand and 1 excuses they give.
Most people never become their true selves because of the fear of failure, which the highest killer of dreams, gifts, potential world wide.
We are scared of ever trying to be our real selves because we think we might fail.

The thing is we believe failure is the opposite of success, no failure is the staircase to success, why most never arrive is cause they stop halfway or expect to get to the top after climbing a few steps

That's why the guy who created the light bulb didn't stop, he had a seemingly impossible dream and he choose to keep on the staircase 99 times and at the 100th step he arrived.
That's the way success is, you might not see the results immediately but just keep on, cause its not skill nor talent nor education that makes impossibility possible,but PERSEVERANCE.

"Only those that CHOOSE to FAIL GREATLY, EVER succeed greatly" Myles Munroe

It was nelson choice to rather fail greatly and look foolish that made what he did, even achievable!
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Now i ask are you willing to try and even fail, fulfilling your dreams, or will you let the fear of failure steal your gift and everything you could ever be? I know the answer is no that's why we are here for you, to make sure you don't end up after 70 years regretting that you never truly lived.


Enlightening as usual

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