What gravity do you develop?

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The Concept Of Gravity

According to modern physics the gravitational force arises as a result of the magnitude of the mass of an object. The greater the mass of an object, then it will be the center of gravity for other smaller objects around it.

Newton shows that a pair of objects will circle with a distance that is inversely proportional to its mass and around the center of mass (t.p.m.) a combination of the two objects. If one of the objects is more massive than the other, then t. P.m. it will approach t.p.m. this bigger object.

With this explanation, now we can understand why the earth always rotates obediently in its orbit. Yes, because the 'force of gravity' between objects with large masses still exists and works perfectly.

During the gravitasi gravitational force, it still works then the energy flow and the process of manifestation of energy to the material and vice versa can still run. Without us knowing it, God has actually instructed us to imitate the concept of work "gravity". We were created to develop our respective gravitational fields. In nature we also have the tendency, for example the desire to Power, the desire for Rich, the desire to have.

Gravity in the context of power

Try to notice, when people are Powering, there are definitely lots of people around it. It is like a sun with a large mass and people who surround it like planets with smaller masses that are attracted to the gravitational force of the Sun. Also pay attention to how rich people are always surrounded by people who depend on them. Or also notice how the knowledgeable people are always the center of attention and surrounded by admirers and prosecutors of science.

Power, Wealth and Property are gravitational fields that can be developed by humans like us. Unfortunately the gravitational field that is built from the three is very vulnerable "expands" out of control so that the "mass" becomes too large and potentially self-destructive.

When the 'mass' is too big on the path of POWER then he will become the ruler of Dzalim. When the 'mass' is too large for wealth, he will become a tamak person. When the 'masses' are too big on Property, then they will be a arrogant person. Sometimes even the three of them can unite into one very destructive and deadly character, Dzalim, greedy and arrogant.

Gravity in a spiritual context

Whereas the purpose of God is that with the 'gravitational field' we built earlier, then when our 'material' bodies cannot survive and turn into 'energy', it is hoped that the 'gravitational field' we have developed before still exists and becomes a source ' life 'for us at a different frequency than today.

It becomes clear now why the Prophet issued a statement that the best among us are the most Useful. Not the mist powerful, not the most rich.

Power, wealth and knowledge are only ways to develop the 'gravitational field', but the core behind it is Intention. Intention is the atomic nucleus. Intention is the quantum. Intention is an invisible thing that can control the mass stability of objects. It all depends on the intention of what his intention is to Distribute Benefits or whether his intention is to Improve masses.

If the intention to increase the mass of self is developed then the risk is clear he will fall and destroy himself because of the excess 'density'. Conversely, if the intention to spread the usefulness developed then the consequences are also very clear, it will become an object with a large 'mass' and a broad influence of gravity, but the 'density' is stable and proportional, lasting until it can penetrate the material nature and natural energy frequencies . Penetrating the world and the afterlife.

Law 1,2,3 Newton in everyday life
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