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To all musicians out there. Have you tried to learn an instrument, yet no one can even help you at it? We’ve been through many struggles, pain, and stress just to learn how to play instrument. Many may be natural born due to some talents that we’re passed by the parents or relatives. But how about those people who’s a family doesn’t even have a small portion of playing such instruments?
Talents are made up out of jealous as we all know, right? Then we would dream that we become a big hit. We saw people play an instrument, in our mind says “I WANT TO PLAY LIKE THAT”. That’s how talents are kindled.


I remember i want to play a guitar when I was still back at the 4th grade, when one of my classmate brought a guitar at school. He was playing the guitar with simple chords and everyone were watching him. Immediately in my mind popped up “I want to play a guitar!” So I asked him where he learnt such thing at an early age and replied “My brother and I was taught by my father”. After the reply, I was a little down thinking that none of my family members plays any instruments. But hey, maybe I’ll become a prodigy in my family in playing instruments? So yeah, long story short, I asked my parents to buy me a guitar for my birthday and after that, they bought me my first ever guitar!
I was sent to a guitar lessons which only taught me of basic chord progressions, like really the simplest one C D E F G A B and there minors. Tuning of guitar, scales, and other things that can be learned weren’t included. If my guitar was out of tune, the mentor tunes it. Though I was still able to play guitar but it is still incomplete knowledge and understanding.


An accident happened, after performing a presentation in the classroom (where I took my guitar lessons). Someone tilt the guitar and fell directly to the ground which I didn’t know that it made the guitar out of tune. Now this was my first encounter of an out of tuned guitar alone. I feel really down and wasn’t able to play the guitar since it is out of tune. We musicians know how annoying it sounds like when an instrument is out tune, but it gets more annoying when you don’t know how to tune it. Some neighbors tried to help, yet it is still not the standard tuning I remembered at the class. So I decided to stop playing it and hid the guitar on the top of the cabinet, inside of its bag, for the whole 4 years. Yes, FOUR YEARS. I completely forgot everything I learned back then.
After 4 years of not playing the guitar, the internet was already there, something popped out of my mind. Yes, it was the guitar. I really don’t know what got onto me. I watched tons of tutorials in the internet and was able to focus both in school and playing guitar. Long story short, I was able to have a stable knowledge about playing guitar and music theories. I even taught my schoolmates how to play the guitar for free. It really makes me happy when they are learn. Applying some knowledge from the music theories, I was also able to play Bass, ukulele and even piano. I was also able to practice drums with the actual set. I’m not saying that I’m really a good player, but all I can say is that I can play that instrument.
With such knowledge of playing instruments, in my school, we had a music class that let us perform a song and record it. In my group, which is random, I’m the only one can play. My classmates were very astounded by my performance (even though the recording failed because the piano is the drums, which was my first time), that they named me the “One-man-band”.


Up till now I’m still playing these instruments and been performing in a different music bands as a Rhythm, Lead, Bass, Drummer, and Pianist. Though i'm currently busy in my college life, I'm willing to perform when there are events in the university. I'm still willing to give free tutors on playing these instruments but depends on the free time. My trainees before are also performing in music bands. This is my dream and it came true.
Giving up is never been my option. “Everything that is or was, began with a dream”. We should learn how give what we receive. Following your passion can’t harm you if you are happy in doing it. And sacrificing things is not a very negative word, in time, since it will be paid with a lot of positive things in your life.



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