Your Tongue,The pilot of your Life

Hi everyone, it's been awhile. I have missed you all greatly and I am so glad to be here today. I have been very busy lately on some projects,that I have really had no time to share some thoughts with you of late.

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Today I'll be sharing with you on a very delicate and important topic,which is the power of your tongue. Many people take their tongue for granted and most times because of their lack of knowledge, abuse it. For instance, most people just believe the tongue was given to function as a taste organ and also to help in speech. This knowledge is good but not totally or completely the truth! Yes,the tongue was given to function as a taste organ and also to aid in speech,however,there's more to it than that. The Tongue is a weapon! You have got to understand this,if you can grasp this truth, the course of your life will change forever. The moment you come to this realisation and understanding ,and further decide to work on it,that moment you have chosen to become the pilot of your life.

If the purpose of anything is not understood,abuse is inevitable!

God designed for you to run,control,manage,influence, dominate,determine,rule,reign,gain mastery of and chart the course of your life consciously. I chose to use those to synonyms in order that I might communicate effectively the power of this truth to you. God doesn't want you to live your life by chance,No! That ain't the plan. He determined for you to chose what will and will not in your life. This is why your tongue was given,in order that you may chart the course of your life!

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Life and Death is in your Tongue!

The book of Prov 18:21 tells us that Life and death is in the power of your tongue. From your tongue proceeds or emanates the issues of Life. I tell you,what you say is what you get!
Death comes as a result of something that you said,in the same way Life comes as a result of your words. There are no casual or playful words,every word carries with a certain force that brings it to reality and manifestation. Therefore careless words are dangerous because the end result of such words will manifest itself,thereby bringing back to you what you said. In our daily conversations with people,we tend to release careless words into the atmosphere ,thereby bringing back to you life circumstances in consonance with those words spoken. So you can see that your life experiences are not by mistake or by chance,they are your creation. Your words come to life!
Knowing this, what do you want your life to be or look like. A life of Glory,championing all the way. More winnings than failures. Don't let your challenges define your speaking pattern ,define your life experiences with your words. Turn your tongue to a fountain of Life. Become a blessing to your world with your words.