A People's Trust In A Leader

It is important that as a leader, one does not take lightly his role because people are observing as you go through various test and trials in the tempering process. They are watching your attitudes,lives ,marriages and manners of conduct when at work. And if they discover you have become ethically shaky, or shadowy, in these areas, you will lose the most important gift a leader has-the trust of his followers.

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Trust As A Currency

In any economy, transactions cannot ensue between producers and consumers without the exchange of some form of legitimate currency. In the same way, a leader must have earned the indispensable currency of trust in order to have the total loyalty of his followers or members of group. Trust is like an account that people make deposits into on our behalf, based on our character. Without this currency, we cannot function as leaders. In fact, without trust, there is no leadership!

Trust is a valuable currency, don't undervalue it!


Trust A Product Of Character

Trust is borne out of character, character is a product of consistency in values. You can't lead people who don't trust you. As a leader, you must accept and understand that fact right now, if you haven't done so already. Trust which have been earned or established by a leader from his followers should be considered sacred and should not be trifled with. In accordance, your personal decisions should be one that protects the confidence your followers have placed on you.
This trust you have earned can only be maintained by the consistency you exhibit as you go through various tests over time, such as faithfulness, reliability, consistency, etc. People will observe how you go through these challenges and trials, if they observe consistency, they will be ready to deposit trust in your leadership account. When they see you remain faithful, another deposit will be made. When they also see proven reliability, another deposit is made. However, if you violate that trust, it is all gone!

Let your character go through the fire of test and trials and come out unchanged!

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Character is a moral force that convinces people you are someone that should be heard and followed. In this way, great leadership is not attained by pursuing greatness but by preserving through tests.
Be a leader with a difference, one who is reliable, consistent, faithful and committed to upholding the confidence of his followers. Do not pursue self interest or aggrandizement, be concerned about a cause, be concerned about those who look up to you and have been able to deposit their trust and confidence in you.
If you lose it, it's gone!

Hi Steemians, I am so glad to be back. I missed ya all. I trust you all are doing good, I thank all you followers and visitors to my blog for your love and support, without you and God, it wouldn't be possible continuing my work here. I am grateful!
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