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Have a great Friday gents!

Not all of the blog posts will consist on formal wear. I decided to mix it up and show you some of the casual outfits that I really love. Enjoy!













17819099_1202363406549907_6331790278394904576_n (1).jpg

Let me know your favourite # 👊

-Classy Dapper

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#1#2#3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13


@classydapper I REALLY like your posts, can you make a post of the best summer outfits? thank you :D
PD: I like this casual wear, what do you think about it?

Great idea @business09. I like this one because of the fit, nice rolled t shirt sleeves, shorts might be a bit too short but otherwise an awesome outfit! :)

Thanks for your answer, that's my style although I have blue tennis shoes, I'm going to buy some white

I love the pics! I knew why i started to follow you!

check out my profile and find out how to invest in real estate! :)

Nice leather jackets. Darn, it is too hot where I live to wear them.

I feel you! Where are you from?

I live down in South Texas. It's good weather October through May. Beaches aren't pretty here; but, the state let's people drive, camp out and have bonfires on the beach.

thanks for sharing @classydapper

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#4 is my style. Though I'm not as muscular as the guy yet. But I'm doing some workouts to achieve that. Nice post. I upvoted you

Thanks for feedback! Workouts will help so much just don't stop! Best of all! :)

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love the one with the cdg tee <3

Cool pics
I liked the #8 th one .

I like # 3 for casual street style, and 7 and 11 for smart casual look.

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