The Universe Within

in #inspiration7 years ago


There is a story of an old statue that was rather ordinary. Made of clay, nothing spectacular by any stretch of the imagination. Until one day, when a curious monk took a peek inside one of the large cracks that had begun to develop due to hundreds of years of exposure. The monk could not believe his eyes when he saw the shine of gold right underneath the surface. He saw that the statue was made of solid gold and covered in clay to protect it in the many years of war through which it had survived.

We are that precious gem underneath the surface, that we've covered through the years to get through the difficult times. We needed that protection to survive.

It is often easier to see the beauty of others instead of our own. All too often attention is drawn to the tiny scrape, the blemish, the minor imperfection that seems impossible to ignore. The mind creates the illusion that we must cover ourselves rather than let others see, rather than be exposed.

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