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Be grateful in sleeping and waking, a lot are in pain and are praying for a moment of rest
Be grateful in breathing, a lot of people pay for oxygen to stay alive
Be grateful in the ability to walk, run, and sit
Be grateful in the ability to see, smell, speak, and listen
Be grateful for every meal
Be grateful in the ability to think
Be grateful in the ability to write
Be grateful for every smile you give and receive
Be grateful in the ability to give and for every gift you receive no matter how little
Be grateful in driving
Be grateful in traveling
Be grateful in working
Be grateful in your studies
Be grateful for the gift of friendship
Be grateful for your love ones
Be grateful to have a roof over your head, some people sleep in the cold and wish for the warmth of a home.
Be grateful each time you successfully return home
Be grateful for the gift of a new day
Be grateful for new opportunities and the lessons of lost moments

He that is grateful stands to receive more. These things may be free, but always remember there are a million people looking for these opportunities, so always be grateful to your CREATOR.

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Yes, sometimes we need to remember that life is in our own hands. Behave responsibly, accept what we got, be grateful and we will find peace in our heart.

I feel I am lucky. I am grateful for this life that God has given me. I am happy, as I am getting to do work that I want to do and enjoy doing it.

when we are aware of the importance of being grateful for the opportunity of life in this world, then when we will always do good and will feel the happiness without stopping.

I agree. We are nothing im this world without HIM.
We should be grateful and thankful on what we have.
Dont compare life to others because each of us has own stories.
Life is beautiful and sometimes we forget to thank little things like even every blink of our eyes.

You are very correct, if we stop comparing ourselves we stand a better chance of gaining more out of life!

most people want more for themselves that's why they are being a slave to their materialistic sickness.

Good posting. Thanks

Really beautiful .. I'm grateful
Thanks to God, for all your grace
Thanks for sharing

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Whatever your beliefs, honour your Creator (the Almighty God), by having an open heart and attitude towards life. Grace will then locate you right here on Earth. A grateful heart exudes Faith which translates into hope and confidence... A grateful heart makes you an achiever.

Here's a Praise God and a tip! for saying what I was thinking.

Btw, welcome to Steemit!

Best regards!


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Very good

True! It will only take seconds or a minute to take to say Thank You to the creator of life. We should not forget to be grateful to Him in any way.

Wow! be delighted with your post.
"If a person is not grateful with what he has now, it will hardly be when he gets it."

Most times, when I see people who are physically challenged by the roadside, I feel so indebted to God for making me complete.
I may not have everything, but I have all my physical parts complete.

"He that is grateful stands to receive more."

Thanks for the reminder!

Ture word....cos in this life there is nothing ,,,on my way to walk today a doctor had an accident was rush to d hospital ,with all d rush and care he still died. So we should be grateful for life

yeah... I am grateful to my creator and my provider. A grateful heart open doors for more opportunities and grace. I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL

Bella esa foto de la puesta de sol, y tienes razón debemos dar gracias a Dios por todo lo que nos da y por mantenernos con vida. Dios bendiga este día!

We often afford the luxury of forgetting these things, and life is just a moment that we must experience the best. Thank you for the reminder <3

when we are aware of the importance of being grateful for the opportunity of life in this world, then when we will always do good and will feel the happiness without stopping.

To your creator, to your benefactors, to the people around you that affects you in any positive way everyday, being grateful is the only real way that you can repay most of these things, I do not only agree with your post, but also share of a further view that gratefulness is one of the solid foundation of a winner's life. It remains that as a man cannot succeed in isolation and no successful institution can be one being an island on its ow, it is thus paramount that people respond to the kind of treatment they get and a show of gratitude always go a long way in getting them to always be on your side. Gratefulness is a broad topic and one that could take a book or more to exhaust, but the bottom line like you pointed out in your work remains; He that is grateful stands to get more.
Yours Truly
The Baby Boy T.I.G

I like it very clearly

Amen y amen hermano @bestgift, estoy muy de acuerdo con usted, hay que dar gracias por todas las cosas, aunque para nosotros parezcan malas, tenemos que dar gracias, todos los días, porque el propósito de las cosas solo las conoce el Altísimo. Dios los bendiga a todos en esta hermosa comunidad. Un abrazo!

I am a huge believer in this! Thank you for sharing. Just think if everyone in the world was just "Grateful" for everything they had, and then helped each other, out, wow how much more of an amazing place the world would be.

i love it. so very true : )

I'm always grateful for everything I have in my life.<3

The best truth i had read on my entire life.

Indeed a wonderful piece. We as individuals should grateful and thankful for everything and any situation we find ourselves. And never to compare ourselves to anyone because we all different perposes to furfill in life.

To be truly grateful for everything you have is a mark of maturity. When you realize that life should not be taken for granted, you are able to make the most of each and every second of the day. You are then empowered to be a giver instead of a taker. Blessings can flow from your life and lift others in their times of need. Always start with being grateful.

This is very good post & useful our own life. Thanks for you post.

Great post! I think that being grateful is another form of taking full responsibility for our own lives. Choosing to highlight all the good. I just posted a blog referring to this: :)

Being "Afraid" doesn't always mean you are "Coward".

@bestgift It is true of your speech,
Being grateful is one of our actions in using what we have in a useful place,
Gratitude can add favors to us,

I am grateful to have stumbled on this post. As we move through life, sometimes we just start going through the motions. We have to always remember to be grateful for what we have when we experience setbacks along the way towards what we want.

to need a better life in the future you have to be grateful everytime. that is the way of living

Life where you in live is grateful. Allways hope better in life. Pray better day to day.

I live everyday like it was my last. But I am grateful for the days that I wake up with the love of my life and my little girl and we are happy and healthy. So be happy with your life only one your gonna get.

Be grateful for the things you have that a lot more dont. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there are always people better than you just as there are people lesser than you are. So be grateful. Always.

with gratitude we will feel happiness every day,
Grateful for the deal today we are still given life, then do good to all people, live only once then life is meaningful.

I agree. We are nothing im this world without HIM his the amen and amen

I'm blessed and I thank God for every day, for everything that happens for me.

I think that gratefulness is one of the two easiest and most efficient self-help methods, with the second one being forgiveness. : )


an excellent post dear friend. and you're very right when they say!
thank you for sharing

Gratitude is an attitude and a mindset of heroes..... And only heroes ad great persons display it.... Nice work

Amen, we to often take these things for granted.

Well said ! Always be grateful for everything and remember that everything is gonna be alright, no matter how hard it is right now.

grateful and thankful need to be always become our major character in order to paint life more colorful..

Very good topic friend greetings from venezuela I follow and vote

I love this post. xxoo

I'm totally agree with You. When You are grateful Your body is producing endorphin which gives You happines. So people be grateful and You will be happy people! Don't waste Your time on self-pity just be grateful and full of love to the world! Best regards :)

absolutely true. by being grateful, we achieve more success. thanks for your oustanding post.

Thats true, to be grateful of all things that happened to us everyday is a sign of one can do it for us except God! Praise Him always😇

I am so grateful that am even grateful for the things am yet to have
I am grateful for the giant i am becoming
An attitude of gratefulness
Great inspiration @bestgift

I am happy because I'm grateful. I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy.eldebarge1.jpg

I don't need anything more than that.
Thanks for your awesome post.

i love it. very nice

Each morning I start with 3 things I'm grateful for today: I am grateful for faith when so many are engulfed in fear. I am grateful for food when millions will not eat today. I am grateful for the ability to pick your own family! I am grateful! Thanks for the beautiful reminders!

Be grateful that you are alive, be grateful that your eyes can see the beauty of the nature and be grateful that your heart is beating! Wonderful advices, very motivating!

right we should be grateful for everything we have and make the most of it, thank the ALMIGHTY of giving us life

I'm grateful to my CREATRESS, out of her the creator was born.

very very nice

Cuan extraordinario y poderoso el es simple hecho de dar gracias, palabra que es utilizada para representar la gratitud, pero aveces olvidamos de utilizarla por diversos motivos es importante porque con solo esa simple palabra, puedes cambiar el día de cualquier persona. Recuerden es valioso y es gratis éxitos y gracias

Thank you for this moment of joy, I think practicing gratefulness daily has turned my life to an incredible and positive experience from a daily disempowering grind. I found the best way is to take 10 minutes before bed being grateful for your day. what is your method?

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we need to be grateful to God all the time for without him we are nothing. he is a faithful God who keeps His promises

Being "Afraid" doesn't always mean you are "Coward".

How extraordinary and powerful is the simple fact of giving thanks, word that is used to represent gratitude, but sometimes forget to use it for various reasons is important because with just that simple word, you can change the day of any person. Remember it's valuable and it's free hits and thanks

I am grateful for having chanced upon this... Good one.

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I Like This Post. That's Very Amazing! 👍👍👍

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thank you so much for posting this, I was really inspired by this post of yours. If you will be able to check my previous posts especially my latest, I am aiming for a goal to start my dream job in my dream company but again with unfortunate results. I keep on failing and failing and I am so frustrated right now that I am always sad, doubting myself and yes sometimes our creator. I am asking why, why can't I even get a job that I want. I am seeking and wanting this for years now.

I am so negative I already forgot to appreciate the things that I have, the things that I can do, and all the blessings that I have. Thank you for the post, this is exactly what I need right now.

Being grateful always changes the atmosphere. It changes your focus from negative to positive very quickly.

So true, I think grateful is a good thing. Somtimes I think people forget to be gratteful and always want more. That is a shame because there is so much to be gratful for.

Thanks for posting this. I badly need this. I'll keep it in mind. I will reesteem it too and read it everytime I feel low.

@bestgift The gratitude is a great sign of love for our Lord Jesus Christ, who has given everything for us and allows us to have more than we deserve. It is a blessing this article

This is a lovely reminder of how lucky so many of us are. I think it would be a great idea to print this and display it where we can see it on a daily basis. Thanks for inspiring.

Yes absolutely right. We should remain gratefull to our Creator for all the blessings. Thanks for sharing nice post.

very nice nature, with always grateful will come the nature of patience and kindly, thank you already share @bestgift

Be grateful for new opportunities and the lessons of the lost moments !
Thanks for that line, I feeel so inspired,
I followed you, u can follow me too if you like!

Always be grateful to your Creator , got it. Being grateful for everything can actually motivate those who do us good, to want to do more.

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it makes the world beautiful to you and to all..

I strongly agree, sometimes we tend to forget to give thanks for every simple things that happens to us every single because all we see is the things that we have rather on the things that we have.

Yes, indeed grateful to be alive.

I love the stay positive attitude.

Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.

An attitude of gratitude reorients your perspective and allows you to appreciate the smaller things in life. As it turns out, the smaller things are often the finer things.