I have a mess! Order - why do we need it? How can this be changed?

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We come up with various excuses for why we have a mess - "he finds it in mess", "when I clean up, I can't find anything", "I like it". In fact, we simply do not want to clean ourselves up.
This is nothing wrong, but the mess will not make it better for us. Rather, it will have a negative impact on the people living with us, all the more so on our loved ones (partners, children).


She's tidy (I'm jealous), "they have time to clean up their echoes... so it's the pedantics, they don't work".

When do we see the order in our friends who have children, do we think it's magic?
Not at all. This is the result of the work.
To make you feel better, and in fact to clean less.

We have a lot to do every day, a lot of things to do, and that's what we're thinking about. Dinner, bill payment, housework, write off by e-mail. All the time there is something, and when there is a moment where we can rest, we realize that it is not all yet, there is still a lot to do. This causes us anxiety, worry and dislike. The negative feelings are exacerbated by the pressure to put everything in order.

Why is this the case?

The simplest thing to do is to explain why we forget important things or are unable to concentrate on - it is a mess.
We are often aware of this.
So let us remember.
We will forget about many things, about the mess.
You see him everywhere, you pass him, and he irritates us every moment.

After all, we are paying attention to order ourselves. If, for example, we go to a bank and donate a lot of money or something important to a person there, we automatically check the environment in which we work.
You would see a mess-it would suggest something is wrong. We would be afraid to entrust ourselves to them with our affairs.
Because all of this builds in us a whole person whom we see - if he is solid, or maybe the opposite.
Let's also note that we think differently about a pedantic person - they will entertain us when they speak, for example. "If someone tells us "I don't mind the rotten apple on the table", we'll start to think how it's possible, it's loathsome.
Another example.
When our desk is full of unnecessary things that do not fit in with the work we are going to do, we are distracted, for example: a monitor full of stuck sheets of paper on a subject that is not related to what we are working on, we start looking for appropriate notes while reading unnecessary content, worry about the thoughts and lose the rhythm of work.

Several minutes a day


If we have this problem with keeping order. It is worth changing it - first of all, it is good to work and live better. You can start by taking 12 minutes to "grasp the place you are going to be in (this is enough), if you look at the time during the cleaning "12 minutes", it will not be so short, but believe it will change a lot, it will be nice and pleasant. After a month or even a few days you can see the results of your work. There is more smile, calm and smile, as well as more pleasure, and we won't make too much money out of it.

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