Unique humans of all time

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Good night all, how are you all and I really hope we are all in good condition and always healthy.

We all know that, Humans are God's most perfect creatures. Humans are given reason and mind, and this makes humans able to manage the world. Humans also have a perfect body compared to other creatures.


But you know, if not all humans have a perfect body, and there are defects and deficiencies. There are some people who have abnormal physical or can be considered strange and unique. and some of these humans have lived in ancient times. You wonder what the human uniqueness is like?

And like a camel girl, one of them. The name is pitch card from Ella Harper. Pitch cards are advertisements for show traction. She was called a camel girl, because her knees were facing back. He can walk with his hands and feet as you see in the picture.

But one thing we have to know, he is very grateful to be able to live and even though he is different from other humans, so be this as a motivation for life because now we often see sometimes only very trivial problems so we often take shortcuts is suicide, so often again thankful for being given life.

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She was one the member of "The greatest Showman " team I think .